“We Gotta be in RowMotion™️ (Ready Open Willing) before we can be in FlowMotion™️ (Fun Loving Open Wonderment)”!

Why Choose Coaching

♥ Feeling stuck & not moving forward

♥ Feeling off & not sure what’s up

♥ Feeling guided to schedule a session

♥ Ready to make a key decision and want input

♥ Guidance on next steps

♥ Frustration with people at home or work

♥ Healthy body decisions

♥ Setting optimal intentions/goals

♥ Assistance in opening more to intuition and/or natural gifts

♥ Support in creating something new

♥ Become a better leader

♥ Enhance communication skills

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Possible Options to Consider

Individual Sessions

In Person, On the Phone, On Zoom​

These sessions are personalized to your particular needs. I provide a safe, sacred, connecting, and accepting environment for you to feel comfortable in sharing what is up for exploration and why you felt guided to schedule a session. From there we tap into our intuition and take the next guided steps to allow the most optimal information to come into play. The guidance we get can take us into a variety of activities, messages, clearings, and clarity as we move to complete the intention for your session.

These connections can be scheduled in person, on the phone, or on zoom. The in-person sessions are held in my special HeartLight Connection space in Ralston, NE. I am also open to doing sessions in locations outside of my Studio when optimal. Sometimes nature connections can be a part of the journey.

Group Sessions

These sessions provide an opportunity for 2 or more to come together to get clarity around a variety of things. They also are an opportunity to discover ways to tap into the intuitive nature of the group, identify and create more of what you want to create, experience ways to uncover the most optimal decisions, and take next steps together as a group. Sessions are available for couples, parent and child, friends, business partners, teams, etc.

Investment for Individual or Group Sessions

Your investment for these sessions is … whatever you feel or get is optimal! Because of what I do and how I do it, I prefer the client taps into their heart to get the amount. However, if anyone is not comfortable with that, I am happy to get the optimal amount for them. It is actually a pretty wide range since I was guided to start doing it this way.

Coaching Programs

These programs are designed according to each person/group/team’s situation. Together we create the most optimal plan to get you where you want to go, one step at a time. There are a variety of materials and other activities that can be included depending on each unique situation. The coaching programs typically involve 3 or more sessions and can also include support in between meetings. So your investment is personalized to you or your group.

Let's Connect

I am so grateful to serve those who feel guided to play in this arena. Contact me if you would like to explore more than what you find here. I love chatting with those who feel the nudge!