Bring more J.O.Y. into your journey…
J.O.Y. (Jump Over Yourself) +
J.O.Y. (Just Open YourSELF)
= JOY Magnified

Personal Retreat Adventures

Also known as Me, MySELF, and I Retreats

It is so important as we navigate our life’s journey that we take some time for ourselves, get away from everything and everyone to get to know ourselves better without distractions. These retreats are customized to each person’s situation. They can be 1/2 day to multiple days, can be done in a variety of locations, and will include what is optimal for you! I am a seasoned personal (Me, MySELF, and I) retreater and have experienced a variety of locations in and outside of the local area. Typically, these retreats are set up to just be with YOU and flow into what is most optimal for your retreating adventure. However, it also may involve sessions with other practitioners. It is an intuitively guided experience from creation to completion. The investment depends on the plan we create together.

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Group Retreat Adventures

Organized by HeartLight Connection

The group retreats I create and facilitate typically involve utilizing everyone’s intuitive nature and natural gifts as the time together flows into what is most optimal for each particular group. These are held in nature settings and/or a variety of retreat locations. They are typically 1-3 days and the space is intuitively created with a unique focus for each retreat adventure.

Organized by You or Your Organization

A variety of options are available for your group. I can facilitate an entire retreat or just a portion of it. Opening, closing or doing a program in between are certainly options to consider. If you are part of an organization or group who wants to do a retreat or if you are seasoned group retreaters and looking for something unique, just let me know and I will be happy to explore the options with you.

Ceremonies and Celebrations

Are You:

  • Celebrating a Special Occasion
  • Starting a New Business
  • Letting Go of Something from Your Life
  • Clearing the Way for a New Beginning
  • Doing Something Special for Yourself, Family, or Team?

Customized services are available to help you create lasting memories for your special times of transformation and celebration.

Let's Connect

I am so grateful to serve those who feel guided to play in this arena. Contact me if you would like to explore more than what you find here. I love chatting with those who feel the nudge!