Tougher Times Transition

I have to say, I do love the 4 Seasons that we experience here in the HeartLand of America! Sometimes it can get a little intense in one or the other season… However, we always know, the next season is on it’s way so those intense hot or freezing cold or high humidity or flooding river days become more bearable…

This is like our Personal Journey…we can always transition more consciously out of the ‘tougher’ times when we know on the other side of it we will be better, brighter, and bolder than before that ‘tougher’ energy popped in. It is important for us to be Aware of these experiences when they show up, Accept them, and then take some kind of intuitive ACTion (or non-action:-) to move through it or into it or out of it and into a renewed state of balance…

These “tougher” times are here for a reason and as we tap into our unique intuitive knowingness the quicker we can move to the next guided steps on our journey. What I like to say is “YES…it is important to acknowledge the “tougher energy” when it shows up and do some exploring around it. However…we do not have to live there:-)”. Unless we choose to of course…and honoring each person’s choice is a big part of the role of acceptance vs. judgement.

My Personal Mission is to Create more Happiness, Health, and Harmony in the World…One Person…One Team…One Community at a time! And…in order to be in Integrity with this Mission…I realized a long time ago that…It has to Start with ME!  So…in the Human Evolution of my Seasons on the Planet, I have and continue to do just that. I flow into the next stage of my Personal Evolution one guided step at a time.  AND…I have chosen for it to be a Gentle, Joyful, and Playful Adventure. SO…for the most part…THAT IS what it is. It really does come down to how we respond to all the things that happen in our everyday life adventures. (I have a personal break through story about why I created the “gentle, joyful, playful” intention years ago…WHEW…THAT TOUGHER EXPERIENCE WAS A DOOZY! More on that in a future post:-)

Yes…I have my ups and downs just like everyone else… And…sometimes it is optimal to go a little deeper into those down times to gain more clarity. My point is,  I just do not choose to live there for long periods of time. And…I have to say, some of the most creative, fun, unique, heart-centered, and loving ways of addressing the downs when they show up has been such a joy to experience…for myself and my clients! And…most important of ALL, is the shift that happens afterwards…life becomes even more Amazingly Awesome than it was before the down energy showed up…

So…Take a moment now…tap or touch your heart…take a few deep cleansing breaths and ASK Yourself…”What is my Mission/Purpose on the Planet at this Time”?  (Or whatever question comes to mind for you). Then…Listen Listen ListenWhat does your HEART SAY??? Then…ASK…What is my next guided step??? Then…Listen Listen Listen…Then…Take That Inspired Step…You will be glad you did

And…if you would like some help, support, encouragement on your ‘up and down’ journeyor to get clarity on anything…just let me know, I am here to serve those who are ready, open, and willing to create more happiness, health, and harmony in their personal and professional lives…and the lives of those around them!

Until Next time…Have a Magical, Meaningful, and Miraculous Day!

Heart Hugs,

Kathy Larsen
Clarity Coach & Intuition Guide

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