Tougher Times Transition

I have to say, I do love the 4 Seasons that we experience here in the HeartLand of America! Sometimes it can get a little intense in one or the other season… However, we always know, the next season is on it’s way so those intense hot or freezing cold or high humidity or flooding river days become more bearable…

This is like our Personal Journey…we can always transition more consciously out of the ‘tougher’ times when we know on the other side of it we will be better, brighter, and bolder than before that ‘tougher’ energy popped in. It is important for us to be Aware of these experiences when they show up, Accept them, and then take some kind of intuitive ACTion (or non-action:-) to move through it or into it or out of it and into a renewed state of balance…

These “tougher” times are here for a reason and as we tap into our unique intuitive knowingness the quicker we can move to the next guided steps on our journey. What I like to say is “YES…it is important to acknowledge the “tougher energy” when it shows up and do some exploring around it. However…we do not have to live there:-)”. Unless we choose to of course…and honoring each person’s choice is a big part of the role of acceptance vs. judgement.

My Personal Mission is to Create more Happiness, Health, and Harmony in the World…One Person…One Team…One Community at a time! And…in order to be in Integrity with this Mission…I realized a long time ago that…It has to Start with ME!  So…in the Human Evolution of my Seasons on the Planet, I have and continue to do just that. I flow into the next stage of my Personal Evolution one guided step at a time.  AND…I have chosen for it to be a Gentle, Joyful, and Playful Adventure. SO…for the most part…THAT IS what it is. It really does come down to how we respond to all the things that happen in our everyday life adventures. (I have a personal break through story about why I created the “gentle, joyful, playful” intention years ago…WHEW…THAT TOUGHER EXPERIENCE WAS A DOOZY! More on that in a future post:-)

Yes…I have my ups and downs just like everyone else… And…sometimes it is optimal to go a little deeper into those down times to gain more clarity. My point is,  I just do not choose to live there for long periods of time. And…I have to say, some of the most creative, fun, unique, heart-centered, and loving ways of addressing the downs when they show up has been such a joy to experience…for myself and my clients! And…most important of ALL, is the shift that happens afterwards…life becomes even more Amazingly Awesome than it was before the down energy showed up…

So…Take a moment now…tap or touch your heart…take a few deep cleansing breaths and ASK Yourself…”What is my Mission/Purpose on the Planet at this Time”?  (Or whatever question comes to mind for you). Then…Listen Listen ListenWhat does your HEART SAY??? Then…ASK…What is my next guided step??? Then…Listen Listen Listen…Then…Take That Inspired Step…You will be glad you did

And…if you would like some help, support, encouragement on your ‘up and down’ journeyor to get clarity on anything…just let me know, I am here to serve those who are ready, open, and willing to create more happiness, health, and harmony in their personal and professional lives…and the lives of those around them!

Until Next time…Have a Magical, Meaningful, and Miraculous Day!

Heart Hugs,

Kathy Larsen
Clarity Coach & Intuition Guide

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C.R.U.D. B.U.G. Clearing & Clarity


                                                                C = Creative
                                                                R = Releasing
                                                                U = Under
                                                                D = Distress

                                                                  in order to:

                                                                B = Bring
                                                                U = Understanding
                                                                G = Guidance

   On our Soul’s Journey…

I am bringing this real life experience (story) to you for 3 main reasons:

To demonstrate how our every day life IS the spiritual journey…when we view it that way!
To help you clear out some old “stuff” that may not be serving you any longer too!
To create a shift to more clarity as you live your Purpose-Filled life more fully!

SO…here we go:

It was Tuesday, 12-19-17 when I first felt a slight headache and scratchy throat. I had been supporting my 92 year old Mom through the affects of a ‘tiny’ mini stroke that happened on November 21st. Her body, mind, and spirit were slowly getting worse day by day. At this point, I had taken her to the ER twice and back to her Assisted Living Apartment…

AND…as she was getting worse, my body began to get worse. OMG…REALLY?? What a time for me to get what I have called the C.R.U.D. B.U.G.!! Any time something like this shows up in my body, I see it as a cleansing/detoxing experience. Although, it is not really all that much fun while I am in it…I KNOW on the other side of it, I will be better, brighter, and bolder than I was before it showed up:-)! That truly has always been the case! This time was a bit different because in the midst of my “cleansing/detoxing” I was also being there for my Mom at a very critical time…Whew!

After a couple of days, I was feeling a little better, just really not up to par for sure. My husband got it really bad and was in bed for 5 days with a fever and the coughing that would not go away for weeks. And…I gotta say…he is such a healthy guy…not one of those people who does the ‘sick’ thing very well…if you know what I mean…LOL:-). He is also normally a huge help with my Mom…this time THAT was not the case. I was on my own! I get a little teary when I typed those last 5 words…

Have you every felt alone with no support? Have you ever felt like you have too many responsibilities with not enough time and energy to deal with them all? Have you ever shouldered the burdens of others because you ‘thought’ you had to? Have you ever been sick and still plug away and do what you have to do in order to survive or assist someone else to survive no matter how crappy you feel? And…No matter how much you really do not want to, you do it anyway?? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may want to read on…


On 12-23-17 in the evening, I just laid down on the couch to relax and the phone rang…S#@t! It was my Mom’s Assisted Living and they needed me to come there right away. She was really really bad and they did not know what to do. Whew…I am exhausted at this point! Between me having the C.R.U.D. B.U.G. and thinking about all the things that were not working so far for my Mom with all the doctor appointments, medications, healing modalities, and more…she was still getting worse! I just cried right there on the phone and said “I don’t know what to do either”.


SO…3rd time to take Mom to ER in 9 days! She was in so much pain…screaming and really pretty out of it…very scary! This time they admitted her to the hospital with Influenza A, Kidney Issues, and then she developed Pneumonia while she was in the hospital.

OK…this is where it gets interesting! My C.R.U.D. B.U.G. has now graduated to laryngitis and my Mom cannot hear very well at all. Plus, she is in so much pain and her mind has been failing too. SO…I am her voice and I can barely talk…LOL:-)! Actually, it was not that funny at the time. However, on some level I knew this was all happening for a reason and I just needed to stay calm…everything is going to be all right…no matter what happens… If it is her time to go, I knew she would be way better off than what she was going through now. Here is one example of that. I left the room when they were doing a chest x-ray. She was screaming so loud that everyone behind the desk and in the hallways stopped everything they were doing. I squeaked out very hoarsely, “That’s my Mom” 🙁

AND…in the midst of this frustrating situation, I stepped into a very profound time of personal reflection, clearing, and transformation. I know one of the most valuable things for me to do is live the tools and teachings that I have been guided to create over the years. Paying close attention to what we are thinking/focusing/feeling and to what is happening in our everyday life is what I believe to be the foundational principle of living life to its fullest. Tapping into our Heart’s Guidance…then Trusting and Following Through with it is also a key component for living a Purpose-Filled Life…

SO…when things are not showing up how we have planned or thought or expected or envisioned, etc. it is time to check in to see what is up and how to proceed. During this situation I was doing everything in my power to step into a new view of things that were occurring. AND…finding the guidance I needed to proceed into each next step…

SO…this experience pulled and pushed me into some realizations that I definitely needed to discover in order to proceed into the next phase of my personal and professional life!

Have you ever felt pulled, pushed, and tossed around in places you would prefer not to go? Then, to find out afterwards that it was the most perfect place to go in order to get you to where you needed to be?

Remembering these outcomes of the past is a great place to reflect when we are pulled into another place of resistance or chaos. These types of words/energy can also be helpful. “Everything is happening for a reason” or “Everything always works out for me” or “I will be Better, Brighter, and Bolder on the other side of this”. Or, use whatever words work for you to shift the energy in the midst of what may appear as disaster. The more we do this, the stronger the feeling gets…lots of Deep Breathing helps too!

Bottom Line…Mom made it through this situation with flying colors after a week in the hospital and a month in rehab. It is truly a miracle, in so many ways, that she is still with us. She celebrated her 93rd birthday in March!

I made it through it too! And…I am definitely Better, Brighter, and Bolder than I was before it all happened…YIPPPPEEEEE!

Here are a few key discoveries I made during this amazing Transformational Time.
My intention in sharing these is to assist you in addressing any “unplanned” experiences that may show up in your daily life. Or, it may spark some ways to see things from the creative lens of curiosity vs. victimhood. Here goes:

Took Care of Myself First! I continued to make time every morning for my meditation, energy medicine routine, inspirational reading, yummy coffee, and healthy shake before walking out the door all bundled up to forge the winter weather to get to the hospital before the doctor’s round. I went to bed by 8:00 each night so I could allow my body the rest it needed to recover. I took optimal supplements and drank lots of water to assist my healing journey. So…Listening to our body’s needs everyday and following through with what it says is so important if we want to live a vibrant healthy life! This is especially true when we are in very stressful situations!

Cleared Major Blocks to Speaking My Truth and Asking For Help!
These Blocks surfaced BIG time during this ordeal. As I Let Go of Control and Surrendered into what was happening from a renewed level of awareness, I got this amazing message from the Universe when I asked the question, “Is there something for me to clear here”? I was sitting in the hospital waiting area and when I looked up I saw these MEGA-BLOKS sitting there…LOL:-)! Silly winks popping in here and there to show me the way and keep me smiling. So…with this one..I GOT IT and began to dig deeper and clear out some old blocks/beliefs/habits that were no longer serving me…YAY!

Discovered (even more) How Much I Love my Speaking/Facilitating/Coaching Biz!
I needed to cancel classes, client connections, collaborations, new creations, and so much more during this time. I realized how grateful I am for the people, places, and things I am honored to connect with on a regular basis and how much I missed the interactions! Since this ordeal, new biz offerings have been created and lots more are to come…YIPPPEEE!

Realized Importance of Money Flowing While I Sleep! I was reminded of something my Dad always said, “It is great when you have money coming in while you sleep”. I became acutely aware of this for a couple of months where I was not able to do my business, but still had the expenses. So…I am now putting additional energy into some fun exciting adventures that do not necessarily require my physical presence…COOL!

Heard Loud and Clear…Time to Write Write Write!! I had been getting many signs and messages, before the C.R.U.D. B.U.G., that it was time to finish my next book, get the newsletters/blogs out, and publish a variety of writings I have completed over the last several years. I am now taking the steps to get them moving. Also, since I could not talk, I wrote a couple of pretty amazing things that were part of clearing the ‘MEGA BLOCKS’ around ‘speaking my truth and asking for help’. This was a huge transformational moment for me in so many ways…WOW!

Learned a Lot about Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, Rehab, and more!
The biggest discovery here is how important it is to have someone (me in this case) who has the entire story of what has happened, when, by who, etc. so the weaving together of all the information actually happens…WHEW! Honestly, some areas could definitely use some help…probably a good thing I could not talk…ha! However, There are amazing people in the healthcare industry and I am so grateful to the caregivers who truly care and provide amazing service! Thank You Thank You Thank You!


My Mom is a Strong Woman! She made it through this when people a lot younger than her did not. I come from a long line of strong women and I am so grateful that we both came through with Flying Colors and Better, Brighter, and Bolder because of it! Thanks, Mom!


Hopefully, as you read this story, you picked up some things that may help you on your
life’s journey. Just by reading it, old habits/patterns/beliefs may have already been shifted into a new view for you. Or, maybe you can step inside your heart and see what may be there for you to explore into more…

And…if you feel the nudge for assistance on your journey…Feel Free to Contact MeI offer FREE 22 Minute Clarity Conversations, by phone, for those who are  ready, open, and willing for what comes forth to get you going on your next step…which may or may not be with ME:-)!!

Best wishes for Magic and Miracles to show up in your daily life!

Happy Heart Hugs,


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Trust Your Triggers!

Our Everyday Triggers are often THE BEST
gifts on our journey to achieve our heart-guided intentions/goals! Life becomes a more playful and curious state of grace when we realize the unique messages our triggers are bringing up for our exploration and inspired action…

After realizing the gifts from a pretty serious car accident several years ago…I knew there was more to explore around my triggers and the messages they brought to my life’s adventures! I was hit from behind by an SUV driven by a guy who’s last name was WAKEN… What a Trigger …Gotta Love it! It ultimately was a blessing and a turning point in my life!!

Here is an Excerpt from the “Let Go” Chapter
of my “Conscious Creation PlayBook” (Manifesting Magic and Meaning in Everyday Life!). It may be helpful as you move more fully into living the life you were born to live!

How is love showing up for you in your daily life? If you are feeling anything ‘unlike love’ in your system (including thoughts, feelings, or words), it always indicates there is something within you that is surfacing to explore. It doesn’t matter whether the ‘unlike love’ energy is triggered by you, or something, or someone else, it is always about you and how you are responding or what you are experiencing. It is a gift, a message for you to look closely, let go of your judgments, and check in from the heart for your next move…

I know this can be a hard one to swallow when we really want to go into blaming, shaming, and judging, etc. Trust me, I have thought many times “This can’t possibly be about me? It is their issue, not mine.” The test is, if you are responding from the LOVE IS column, it most likely is NOT about you. If you are responding from the LOVE IS NOT column…then there is definitely something for you to explore. It could mean there is something that is surfacing for you to clear. Or, other reasons, like take a break from or leave this person, place, or thing. Or, time to set boundaries, speak up, etc. Or, there may be a physical/chemical or some other imbalance to address. Or, maybe you are being affected by the collective energies happening in the world. The point being, it is surfacing something for YOU to take to heart and engage with in one way or another. Here are a few words to help identify Love is NOT or Love is Feelings:

                         LOVE is NOT:                            LOVE IS:                      Heart Thoughts to Explore?

                               Fearful                                       Loving
                              Jealous                                       Peaceful
                              Blaming                                      Playful
                              Angry                                          Open
                              Hateful                                        Willing
                              Resentful                                    Connected
                              Disrespectful                               Creative
                              Judgmental                                 Caring
                              Rejecting                                     Reassuring
                              Mean                                           Energizing
                              Degrading                                   Accepting
                              Controlling                                   Honoring
                              Bitter                                           Respectful
                              Stubborn                                     Free
                              Anxious                                       Trusting
                              Shameful                                     Engaging
                              Vengeful                                      Safe
                              Guilty                                           Enjoyable
                              Disparaging                                 Meaningful
                              Unforgiving                                   Forgiving
                              Sadness                                      Adventurous
                              Stressed                                      Encouraging

AND…there are multiple ways to shift the focus and flow more fully into the True You! What I enjoy most about my purpose on the planet is helping people get to their inner compass, their intuitive nature, their playful spirit, their loving heart in order to take the next steps on their purpose-filled path! This is done through my Clarity Therapy™ and FlowMotion™ Programs. If you are feeling any of the “unlike love” energies noted above and you are ready, open, and willing to get clarity on your next steps… Please contact me for a FREE 22 minute Clarity Consultation! I would love to chat with you and play into what’s up and what’s next for you…

AND…if you would like to take this “Trust your Triggers” topic to a deeper level of understanding and play into the tools to assist you on your journey, please check out this class coming up on Saturday, July 29th from 9:30 to 11:30 at the HeartLight Connection Gathering Place.

In the meantime, with all the ‘unlike love’ energies floating around us these days from OTHER people, places, and things… When you FEEL it affecting you…STOP…take a few deep cleansing breaths and center your self from the heart. Yep…sometimes that is all it takes to get back on track…AHHHHHHHH!

Feels better already…RIGHT???

Have a day filled with discovering your triggers and shifting your focus into the TRUE YOU…WOO HOO!


Kathy Larsen

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Me, MySelf, and I Retreat Times

Hello  There!

Personal Retreat Times (AKA Me, Myself, and I Retreats) are a key part of my journey. There are a variety of ways to BE in Retreat and they can be for different lengths of time, in a variety of locations, and for a variety of purposes.

People often ask “What do you do in your ‘Me, Myself, and I Retreats’? The answer is “Whatever I am guided to do…”! This is the beauty of it…I have no agenda. I tried that agenda and expectation thing in some of my early retreating times and realized very quickly that my main purpose was to be free of everything…ESPECIALLY Expectations and Agendas…ha!

All I have to DO is check in with my guidance, trust it, and follow through with it…

I have also had people ask “Are they Silent Retreats?”. The answer is “Absolutely Not!” There may be some silent times as I am guided through the days. However, my retreats may involve singing, dancing, laughing, speaking, and connecting verbally with things that may show up on my adventures.

Silent Retreats can also be very affective for people who choose that route. I certainly, understand, and respect that…It just is not typically my way for Personal Retreating. For those of you who know me…I am sure you know why…ha!

My experience has shown me that if I am going to do a full on ‘Me, Myself, and I Retreat’, I want it to be at least 3 nights. There is something that occurs in that 3rd day that brings it all together and I am more prepared for re-entry into everyday life. However, they can be done in very short spurts of time as well. Even a half hour of just being with ‘Me, Myself, and I’ with no to do list, expectations, or people around can be quite refreshing. And…if you can get away for a half day or day or whatever length of time you can muster up and are guided into is perfect for you! And…having nature be a part of it is always an added blessing…

I recently went on a Personal Retreat in a cabin in the woods. It was SO Refreshing, Relaxing, and Restoring. Each of my retreats are quite different. However, they do have a bit of a theme that I have noticed over the years…although I am always open for the theme to change:-). So…here is what typically happens:

1. Bring my things in, get settled, and re-create the space as guided. I love to make the space my space for the time I am there. It is fun for me to do this and I have been known to change things around throughout the time there. Typically, I take a picture of the space when I arrive so I can remember where everything was before my ‘space creation’ energy kicks in. That way I can put it back like it was before I leave…

2. Sleep most of the first day:-)! Yep..I take a nap…wake up and do something guided for typically a short period of time…then take another nap and repeat…until I am all napped out:-)! This rest period seems to be a key part of preparing for what is to come…

3. Pay little attention to the clock and stay away from my phone, texts, emails, etc. unless guided to check it. I know that many people stay completely away from technology and I have been guided to that at times as well. However, sometimes messages that I need to see for the good of my personal retreat time are there. So…bottom line…I follow my heart’s guidance on that along with everything else during this time away. I also let people know I have limited access to texts, emails, phone calls, etc. so if I do not respond right away…I will respond on the date I return:-).

4. From this point on…it just becomes a beautiful weaving of things happening that could never be planned. One guided and trusted step taken leads to the next and the unfolding is beyond amazing. It all comes together on the last day and I am then ready to re-enter my everyday life with a renewed focus and energy for what is next in life’s precious adventures…

When I devote this time to Myself, I feel great and I am in a much better place to be there more fully for others. SO…I encourage you to take time on a regular basis for YOU! It doesn’t have to be a full on Personal Retreat. However, taking a break away from everything and everybody for even a half hour can make a HUGE difference in how you feel and how the people around you feel!

If you would like some help getting the Best Way for YOU to be with YOU…or any other Clarity Exploration you are in the midst of in your personal or professional life…Feel free to contact me for a 22 minute FREE Clarity Consultation!

AND…another thing that typically happens during my Me, Myself, and I Retreats is I do a variety of clearing activities to clear the way for the next steps on my journey! At times, I am guided to record them for future personal use or to share with people to assist them on their journey. SO…here is an example of an “inthemoment” Letting Go Horse Play Clearing. Just take a deep breath and focus on something you feel guided to LET GO of and ALLOW the horse energy to move it on through. Turn up the volume and Enjoy!

Letting Go Horse Play

Until next time…Consider taking a few minutes a day to JUST BE WITH YOU…AHHHH!

In Appreciation and Joy,

Kathy Larsen

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Gotta R.O.W. B/4 We Can F.L.O.W.!

Hello There!

img_1544Are you Ready to R.O.W. into F.L.O.W.???  Hope So…:-)!

I often get asked “What is the one thing that is on top of the list of requirements for people to get into the flow of everyday life?”. My answer is “We gotta ROW before we can FLOW”!  R.O.W. means we have to be Ready Open Willing to take the optimal steps to clear the way to the type of flow we are wanting to create more of in our life. Once that commitment is made…the F.L.O.W. (Free, Loving, Open, Wonderment) actually already begins!! We need only be ready, open, and willing to take the guided steps into the next phase of our “in the flow” journey…

Sometimes that ROWing may take us through some rough waters! However, it is truly how we respond to the waves that allows us to stay in the flow…no matter what shows up!

When we intentionally step out of the chaotic mind games and observe ourselves (even when we are in those rough patches) and tap into our Heart-Center for guidance, the journey can become a playful game of curiosity, connection, and creation…

OK…you may be saying to yourself “OH REALLY…suffering is part of life and this is what gets me where I want to go…gotta suffer, gotta go to those deep dark places, gotta be hard, gotta gotta gotta???”  I totally get that this may be your experience and it may be your purpose in life. And…it may be the most optimal way for you to live life’s waves. And…I truly do honor and respect the choices and directions people take on their life’s path…

And…in my experience and the experience of many of my ROWing Clients…these types of “gotta’s” have been seen as beliefs that are ready open and willing to be cleared in New World Ways. Suffering and dark nights may be what we were taught or forced to believe is necessary to create the life we were born to live. However, if some ‘thing’ does not feel like it is serving us any more in the now (no matter who spoke about it or wrote about it as truth) it may be time to take another look, check in with our heart’s intuition, and explore other possibilities… We truly do have choices to clear old habits/patterns/beliefs, calm the waves, and move on to the next phase of our human experience…in the flow of it all…

Trust Me…My R.O.W. took me to and through some rough waters for sure! However, it is when I began to see these rough waters as stepping stones and ways to bring beautiful transformations, clarity, and flow into my life that I became grateful for them. I started enjoying the ride more and more and more… Sometimes even bringing in the oars and riding the waves…WHEEEEE!

As I continued to practice being in observing mode, I began to notice the waves in a different way. I became aware of them…felt them splashing away…and then addressed them…before they got to the deep dark dungeons of diving despair! Typically, this renewed awareness brought me to a playful place of FLOW (Free, Loving, Openness, Wonderment) in order to take the next guided step in calming the wave that just popped up! In other words, brought the calm before the storm could even manifest…

Are you in R.O.W. mode? Are you ready to step into F.L.O.W. mode? One of the most exciting and rewarding things I do in my practice is help people avoid the deepest, darkest, dungeons of diving despair by catching it early, addressing it playfully, and then moving into creating more of what they want in their personal or professional life… Whether you are in a dark place or feel stuck or want to discover creative ways to catch the next waves before they become a storm, feel free to contact me to schedule a FREE 33 Minute “Discover your Next Step” Consultation!

Thanks for taking the time to read this message! Here is a little Secret: Since you read it all the way to this sentence…you are most likely already in ROW mode…YAY FOR YOU!!!

Until Next Time…Have Fun ROWing with the waves and Letting Go to the FLOW…

In Appreciation and Joy,

Kathy Larsen

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A New Birth Day…Everyday!

Hi There!

Today is a New DayI recently experienced a Chronological Birthday! I call it this because I FEEL So Much Better, Stronger, Healthier, Happier, and Clearer than I did 15 years or more ago…YIPPPEEEEE!!!  I FEEL more Energized, Heart-Centered, Purposeful, Passionate, Empowered, Balanced, and Alive than ever before…

It certainly is nice to Celebrate the number of years we have been on the planet! And…it is quite wonderful to get all the loving and creative messages on Facebook, in cards, emails, at parties, in voice to voice conversations, and more! Truly a Gift of Gratitude and Celebration!! And…as I ponder this annual event…I find myself thinking…Every Day is a New Birth Day! As I bring that thought into view, a Smile comes across my face, and I realize how much I Love My Life and want to CELEBRATE it Every day…YAY!!!

I took a few deep Heart Breaths on my Birthday this year and a message came to me in my typical playful rhyming way! So…as a gift to you… if you feel guided to…take a couple of deep breaths, and read these words:

Brand New Start (1-30-16) by Kathy Larsen

The passage of time is just a flash…your eternity is meant to last and last…

Let Go today of old habits and more
As you open now the proverbial door…

The one that attracts the love and light
This is all that’s needed to inspire insight…

Love Flows through you at all times you see
All you need do is focus on me…

Yes…focus your energy to that Heart Centered Space
And…Allow Divine Love to flow all over the Place…

BREATHE the BREATH of Freshness and Light
Deeply and Fully…Let Go of energy that’s tight…

BREATHE in AGAIN with a deeper flare
Open your Heart and Engage the Air…

Fresh and Clear and moving through you
It Balances your system to Allow Guidance to come through…

This is the day that marks the time
That Miracles expand JUST BY READING THIS RHYME…

Take some time now to sit quiet with this
Breathing with ease and feeling the BLISS…

The Heart-Centered Love that passes through you
Affects those around you and all that you do…

Let it flow freely throughout the day
Be happy Be grateful and shine your Ray…

Every day is a New Birth you know
Stand TAL with it all and GLOW GLOW GLOW
(Note: TAL™️ stands for Trust, Acceptance, Love💖)

Singing the Song of your Soul through your Heart

Happy New Birth Day to YOU!

And…if you would like to learn more about clearing the way to more purpose, passion, and playfulness in everyday life or how to create more happiness, health, and harmony in the workplace…feel free to contact me for a free consultation…

Until Next Time…Enjoy your Life’s Adventures…

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Are You Living Your Purpose?

Hi There!

Happy New Year!  2016 is already bringing some amazing new connections and creations…COOL!

Resolutions for the New Year work for some people and not for others… I am more of an ‘in the moment’ person. So my underlying Heart-Centered Intentions pretty much stay the same, and what unfolds from those is ALWAYS QUITE AMAZING and FUN!  Basically, I put a LOT OF ENERGY into REALLY FEELNG my 3 Key Intentions every day while taking at least 3 Deep Heart-Breaths…

I have a ‘Special Time’ every morning where I prepare for the day and the Intention Feeling Heart-Breathing is part of that ritual. Then, throughout the day, whenever I feel a little off, I take another Intention Feeling Heart-Breath. Then, at the end of the day, as I lay in bed, I do the Intention Feeling Heart-Breathing 3 times again before I drift off to sleep…

From this activity the people, places, projects, and things to do begin to show up in amazing ways… It just makes me SMILE when I think about it:-). It is a matter of Trusting the Intuitive Guidance and Following Through with it…one step at a time! This is the part that can be a little tricky…Trusting and Following Through…lol:-). And…I am getting better and better everyday at doing that…it definitely takes practice:-)!

As I continue to step into these guided steps, I end up creating, updating, and engaging, throughout the days, months, and years, with what shows up in alignment with my Intentions. Many of the opportunities that reveal themselves are things I could not have imagined in a strategy or planning process. And…well…I gotta say…magical things begin to unfold quite playfully! This is a very uplifting way to Allow the Universe to assist in ways that are beyond my comprehension (well…at this point of my human evolution anyway:-).

This may be something you would like to consider adding to your daily activities. Whether you have a long list of goals, objectives, strategies or key resolutions for the New Year, this Intention Feeling Heart-Breathing will amplify the energy and help to bring things into reality with more ease and grace…in the Spirit of JOY!!

Follow your BlissAnd…This certainly is a GREAT time of year to tap into the energy of all the people everywhere who are focusing on starting 2016 with new resolutions, goals, and plans for the New Year! It just adds another boost to the creation vibration that is happening throughout the year…YAY!

And…The subject of this message takes us into a deeper reflection of these resolutions, goals, plans, intentions, etc. that you enjoy creating at this time of year! Whatever is your way of addressing the New Year Focus is perfect for you…Congratulations for taking the time to reflect, review, and renew! So…as a part of your reflection time, you may want to consider asking yourself this question:

“Am I Living my Purpose in All Areas of My Life…and Enjoying it”??

There have been a few key times in my life where I was “stopped in my tracks”
with jolts of what one might call “tragedy” to shake me up a bit in order to “force me” to step back and ask this question to myself. These were times where I was busy, busy, busy paying little attention to my body’s messages, worrying about this or that or the other thing, racing around unconsciously doing doing doing, and really not focusing on what really matters! And…I certainly was NOT doing the Intention Feeling Heart-Breathing…lol:-)!

So…the gift of the “tragedies” slowed me down…or stopped me…so I could spend the much needed time addressing this question. These “tragedies” have truly been the “GIFTS” I needed to get me to where I am today…Living my Life on Purpose, with Passion, in Playfulness…YIPPPPEEEEE!!!  And…this is what has guided me to help others do that too!!! I truly believe we are here to enjoy life and express our authentic heart-centered selves by Living our Unique Purpose in Every Day Life…

NOW…I have 3 Test Questions to help me know if I am Living My Purpose:

1.  When I wake up in the morning do I say to myself…YES…I LOVE MY LIFE!!!???
2.  Periodically throughout the day do I SMILE and say to myself (or out loud:-)…YES…I LOVE MY LIFE!!!???
3.  When I go to bed at night do I take a few deep Breaths and say…YES…THANK YOU…I LOVE MY LIFE!!!??? 

Well…I have to say…at times it isn’t a resounding YES…lol:-)  However, when it isn’t a yes…I have learned to truly tap into my Intuitive nature and check to see what actions I may need to take to get back to the YES! This is the beautiful thing about Intuition…it gives us information from our heart for what we as individuals need to do. It may not be the same for everyone. And…for me…some of the guidance seems a little strange at first…lol:-)  The good news is…IT WORKS!!!  And…the more I follow through…the better it works…the more fun it becomes…and the more on purpose I feel… VERY COOL!

In future blogs, I will share more about the key “tragedies” that became “GIFTS” on my journey! I also will share more really cool easy exercises that I have used to take me to a much deeper level of realizing what I really really really want to create in my life!

My Intention is to help you more fully Live your Life’s Purpose…Every Day!  If you are having difficulty saying YES to one or more of the 3 “Am I Living My Purpose” Test Questions, or if you are still looking for the GIFT in a “tragedy” or two, you might want to consider contacting me for a free consultation to explore the options that may be optimal for you to Clear the way to more Purpose, Passion, and Playfulness in your every day life! 

Or…check out the “Live Your Purpose PlayShop” I will be facilitating on Saturday, January 23, 2016.

Until next time…Have a Magical, Meaningful, and Miraculous 2016…


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Are We H.O.M.E. Yet???

The word HOME has a Heart Centered FEEL to me…  Whenever I return home from just about anything I always say to myself or out loud…ahhhhhhh…it feels good to be home! I take a deep breath of appreciation, change into some comfy clothes, and move into the energy of HOME…:-). I know not everyone has that particular feeling when they walk into their home. So…I am so grateful for how this word HOME shows up in my life!

One day as I was playing with new ways of describing things for my classes and my “Conscious Creation PlayBook”, an acronym for H.O.M.E. came to me! And…it would not only become a great teaching tool, it also became a chapter in the book! This is truly the place where EVERYTHING begins…at HOME:-)!!

HOME with heartIn my Conscious Creation Formula…H.O.M.E. stands for HEART OPEN MIND EMPTY! A perfect place to start! Sometimes it takes a while to truly get HOME! Things can surface to be cleared out before we can get there. However, when we are in that place of Heart Open Mind Empty…the Conscious Creation process kicks into gear!

Research shows that our Heart is the main source of our Intuition. So it becomes a KEY FACTOR in creating more of what we want in our lives and work environments…

Here is a Fun exercise we can do to tap into the Heart Energy. First, take your dominant hand and place it in the center of your chest and do a flip the switch type of motion. (AKA Turn it ON). Take a Deep Breathe and twist your fingers a bit as if you are getting to the best station (AKA Tune It IN). Take another Deep Breathe and tap your Heart to acknowledge it’s clear frequency (AKA Tap It…often). Really FEEL the connection with your Heart as you continue to B R E A T H E….ahhhhhhh:-). So…there you have it…a FUN Heart Opening Activity!

As we focus on Turning It On, Tuning It In, Tapping It Often our Heart begins to take the lead and the Mind naturally begins to calm down. Mind Chatter can be a major distraction to Conscious Creation. So…as we continue to put the emphasis on our Heart, the Mind empties the chatter that does not serve us. It may help to think of a blank piece of paper, a clean slate, a bright light, or something that is really nothing…

Sometimes this works pretty quickly and other times it takes a while to get H.O.M.E... Know that whatever stage you are in is perfect for your journey! If the mind is not ready to empty…that is way OK. Just be with it and keep playing with the Heart Opening exercise. And…start getting more acquainted with what it FEELS like when you are connected with your Heart…

Also, remember that the Mind is still a vital part of the journey. It just plays a different role in this Conscious Creation process. The Mind is following the Heart’s Lead and it needs to be quiet and clear in order to hear the messages from the Heart:-)! Then…it takes those messages and flows into laser like focus to allow the next guided steps to be revealed so we can take inspired action… After the Mind Empties (M.E.) it then moves into Mind Engaged (M.E.) in a new Heart-Centered way… Then…Life truly becomes Magical, Meaningful, and Miraculous!

Need Help getting H.O.M.E.??? If you would like assistance in clearing the way HOME so you can create more of what you want in your life and work environment, I would love to learn more about your situation and explore the possibilities with you. FREE half hour consultations available!

And…I have a “Clear your Fears…before the New Year!” 2 hour class scheduled for Saturday, 12-5-15  if you feel the nudge to check that out…

And…until next time…from my Heart to Yours…May the Bright Lights of the Holiday Season guide you to the loving and creative energy of HOME!


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Conscious Clutter Clearing…

Hi There!

Clutter Clearing…YUCK! Anybody, besides me, have closets, drawers, boxes, and files to go through to get rid of ‘old stuff’ to make way for a more organized way of living? Releasing, Reorganizing, and Repurposing to get to a Refreshing State of Renewal is such a worthwhile endeavor…any time of year!

Sometimes just taking a small first step can be the thing we need to do to get things rolling. And…as we begin to clear our physical surroundings, our mental cobwebs begin to move out too, and our heart opens to what is next on our life’s journey…  As we consciously connect with what needs to be cleared, then clear it, the energy is open to the next positive step toward our intentions, dreams, and goals… I decided recently to take one small “conscious clutter clearing” step by cleaning out a drawer in my bathroom that I open almost every day.


To my surprise I found ALL these combs and brushes in the back of the drawer! Here is the funny part…I haven’t used a comb or a brush on my hair for years…ha! I realized as I was removing what was no longer serving me from a practical perspective, it was also affecting me energetically. I felt lighter, happier, and more energized! And…the good news is…I smile every morning when I open that drawer and see the new freshly organized view. The message here is 3 fold:

1. Start with a small project…the drawer.
2. Feel the energizing energy of letting go.
3. Open to the new view….SMILE…
So…as you start to play into your Conscious Clutter Clearing…remember these three tips and clear the way to more purpose, passion, and playfulness in your everyday life!

And…after that small project is cleansed, cleared, and clutter free…the spark is lit to move consciously into the next perfect project! This is also true as we clear the way to our intentions, goals, and dreams! As we begin to pay closer attention to our thoughts, words, and feelings that are cluttering up our mind and blocking the next steps on our journey…and clear them out…we feel energized and open to the new view…the next step on our journey. And…every day life truly does become magical! For now…you might want to consider starting with a small drawer or a shelf in your closet to get the conscious clearing energy flowing. You too may be surprised what you find. When it is complete…enjoy the new view. Then…be open to the next step on your journey.

And…if you are feeling the need for help in consciously clearing the way and/or identifying your next steps, it would be an honor to play into the possibilities with you!  I would be happy to chat with you about your situation and explore the next steps on your journey…  And…just so you know…each person or group that I work (play:-) with is unique! Many new and different ways of conscious clearing or conscious creation show up to fit the person, group, or situation… Intuition (yours and mine:-) is the Guide…and FUN always shows up at some point in the individual sessions, classes, and coaching programs…

Also…check out the “Clear your Fears…B/4 the New Year”! Class coming up on 12-5-15!

And…I would love to hear about any “comb and brush” stories that you would like to share as you Consciously Clear the Way in your home, your office, or yourself!  Just post them below…

Until next time…Happy Conscious Clutter Clearing…  Enjoy the Adventure!


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From FEAR to FREE…

Hi There!

Anybody else been faced with FEAR energy popping in to rob us of our FREEdom to take the next steps on our journey?? Whew…been quite a ride for me lately! Since I have been in the midst of this, I thought it would be a great time to share some ways to move through these FEAR energies and return to our natural state of FREE Flowing into our next inspired actions. Here are the steps that typically happen when FEAR shows up for me:

1. I FEEL the anxious anxiety ickiness in my gut and my mind goes crazy with negative chatter.
2. I observe myself being in it while I am in it…(This part is actually kinda cool:-)
3. Then…I pick myself up and check in with my heart to see what’s up? (Using Intuitive Tools)
4. Then…I take the guided steps to clear the way…(Usually something really fun and different:-)
5. Then…I FEEL the FREEdom and engage with my next guided steps…(YIPPPPPEEEE:-)

And…sometimes when BIG DECISIONS are in front of me…this process gets played out a few more times until I actually walk through to the other side of the FEAR to then be FREE to proceed! With the smaller fears…once is typically enough to break FREE to the other side! The COOLEST part for me is ALWAYS on the other side of the FEAR, I am at a New Lighter, Brighter, Happy, Trusting, Creative, Loving, Energized, Playful, etc. place than I was before this important piece of my journey popped in…

Gateway Nature

I have learned that FEAR is a positive thing to help us move forward into new adventures and to be more on purpose in our lives… A common saying about what FEAR stands for is “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Zig Ziglar shared a couple ways to look at Fear. It can either be “Forget Everything and Run” or “Face Everything and Ride”! I prefer going on the ride:-). And…I came up with a couple meanings too:

= Finally             Or            F = FUN
= Engage                           = Entertaining
= Acknowledge                  = Awareness
= Release                          R = Reframed

I was faced with a Business Decision recently that took me into various levels of FEAR energy and offered me the opportunity to CLEAR a few more old patterns/habits/beliefs! Sometimes people think I am free of all the “stuff” that shows up to clear out in order to move on. one point on my journey I thought that too…LOL:-). REALLY…this is showing up again…Dang…when will it be over so I can really get to where I am going??? Then…the clarity came loud and clear…THIS just might be the FUN part…Ha! The quicker I Face the Fear, the easier it is to break through, and the faster I can move into that next higher place of vibrant aliveness!!

The Business Decision was to add a larger Suite to my HeartLight Connection office space for bigger groups! I kept going to my heart and getting that this decision would open the doors to more than just this office space. Many more pieces would come together when I committed to this additional space. I was getting validation after validation that this was the case and that it truly was optimal to lease this space. So…after a few guided clearing experiences…I took the leap! And…here are a few things that have happened since that decision:

1. Another facilitator who comes back from Bolder to do classes is renting it for a class.
2. Two of the Conscious Creation Comes Alive! Groups are coming together to form a larger group.
3. A new Conscious Creation Group has started the 8 part Series.
4. My husband and I found the perfect table and chairs for a GREAT price! It has been a year of looking.
5. Ideas for how this space will be used keep coming in for exploration…

And… I am sure this is ONLY THE BEGINNING of more Amazing Opportunities and Manifestations to Come!

Hopefully, these tips will help you face your FEARS and break through to the natural state of FREEdom! And…if you are feeling the nudge for some help to Clear the Fear or Get Clarity for your next inspired steps, please feel free to contact me to explore the possibilities…

In the meantime, may the Positive Focused Force FREEly be with you…


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