Conscious Creation Adventures

PlayShops, Retreats, Team Meetings, Coaching, and more…

  • Shift Energy and Open Doors to New Possibilities
  • Open your Heart and Mind to Spark your Intentions into Creation
  • Activate your Inner Wisdom, Engage your Senses, and Take Inspired Action
  • Tap into Group Energy to Nurture, Feed, and Grow each Unique Creation
  • Discover Tools to help you Live a Vibrantly Alive Joyful Life
  • Experience a Safe Environment for Support, Encouragement, and FUN!

FlowMotion Adventures

Gatherings, Road Trips, Team Experiences, Coaching, and more…

  • Tap more fully into your Intuitive Nature
  • Discover a Unique Process for Decision Making
  • Experience the Flow of Information in Action
  • Allow the Group Energy to Create in the Moment
  • Learn How To Let Go and Trust the Flow
  • Engage your Guidance System and Take Inspired Action

Speaking Engagements and Workshops:

Lunch & Learns, Team Meetings, Conferences, Coaching, and more…

Most Requested Topics

Realize Your Potential…through the Power of Possibilities!

  • Discover Creative Ways to Manifest Miracles in Your Life
  • Experience New Levels of Awareness to Live Life Fully
  • Realize your Dreams/Goals in a Spirit of Appreciation and Joy
  • Tap into New Sources of Energy and Creativity

Bring Out the Leader in You!

  • Understand your Leader Style
  • Move Beyond Managing and
    Begin Leading
  • Discover 3 Steps to Empowering Communications
  • Create an Environment where
    People Want to Come to Work

Build Sincere Relationships…through Empowering Communications!

  • Discover the ACT Formula for Powerful Communications
  • Learn 8 Guidelines for Giving Feedback
  • Apply Questioning Tips for Meaningful Relationships
  • Understand your Communication Style and Recognize Others

Create a Positive Team Spirit…on any Team!

  • Understand your Team Player Effectiveness
  • Discover 3 Steps to Work Together Better
  • Apply the SPECS Formula for Success
  • See the Energy Change with a Positive Focus

Embrace Change…Chaos Can Be Fun!

  • Understand the Change Process
  • Experience 5 Simple Ways to Relax and Have Fun
  • Feel the Freedom of Letting Go
  • Discover Ways to Expand into New Possibilities

Life’s a Celebration…Lighten Up and Have Fun!

  • Discover the Magic of B.L.Y.S.S
  • Feel the Energy Shift with a Positive Focus
  • Experience Brain/Body Integration and Balance
  • Bring J.O.Y. into Everyday Activities

Customized Topics and Programs designed for your meetings are available to meet your unique needs. Feel free to contact me to explore the possibilities.

Ceremonies and Celebrations

Are You:

  • Celebrating a Special Occasion
  • Starting a New Business
  • Letting Go of Something from Your Life,
  • Clearing the Way for a New Beginning
  • Doing something Special for Yourself, Family, or Team?

Customized Services are available to help you create lasting memories for your special times of transformation and celebration!

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