Listening from the Heart…

Welcome Back to the next phase of HeartLight Connection’s Creation… Steven was the perfect coach for me during these 3 months of exploration, understanding, and validation of where things were moving in […]

Message…Ready to Fly!

Hello and Welcome to Wings on the Road! So…on the day of my first session with my new Coach, Steven, I was jogging/walking/trotting along the road and I was suddenly […]

Messages Come from Everywhere!

Hi There…Welcome to the Message about Messages! The journey into living more fully into HeartLight Connection continues to be one of the most amazing times in my life!  SO…I thought it would be […]

Trust the Process…

Preparing the stage for our intentions/dreams can be the most trusting part of the creation process…  At least for me TRUST seems to be a key word. The process itself puts into play […]