Are You Coming Out of Your Cocoon?

are you coming out of your cacoon kathy larsen blog

Hi There!  I feel like I am finally coming out of my Cocoon!  How about You? Each phase of clearing the Cocoon can be a little scary sometimes! It just feels so darn safe in the protection of that Comfortable Cocoon. We know how beautiful it will be when we evolve into Butterfly Mode. However, each […]

Let Freedom Ring…and Fly!

Blog Image Let Freedom Ring and Fly

Happy Freedom Day! I am so Blessed! On this most perfect day of celebrating FREEDOM, the last 2 Baby Martins just flew from their sweet little martin house while I was watching this morning…  What powerful symbolism on this day we Celebrate Freedom! I could feel the energy of their ‘fear to fly’ as they […]

Connect, Collaborate, Create!

Blog Image Connect Collaborate Create

Hello World!  YIPPPPEEEEE…my first blog entry from my new website…!  HeartLight Connection is a new platform for me to play from…!  I am so excited that you are here visiting with me today.  Some of the new programs I have been offering were not totally in alignment with the website. So…I decided it […]