Connect, Collaborate, Create!

Hello World!

 YIPPPPEEEEE…my first blog entry from my new website…!

 HeartLight Connection is a new platform for me to play from…!  I am so excited that you are here visiting with me today.  Some of the new programs I have been offering were not totally in alignment with the website. So…I decided it was time to connect with my heartlight, collaborate with my guidance system, and create something new…

 And…in the spirit of walking my talk…I have been using the Possibility Pyramid to move forward into this new magical place in my life.  And…WHEW…it has been one of the most transformational times…ever!  More of this amazing story will be shared along the way to help you spark your heartlight into action.  So to start this new space of creation called, My Blog, I would like to share a bit about the Possibility Pyramid. I created the pyramid concept about 12 years ago and have been using these principles in my life and with my clients for a very very long time…

 Well…NOW…it is time to bring it out more into the world so more people can connect, collaborate, and create whatever they want (or whatever they are guided to create) in all areas of their life. If you feel guided to, please watch this short video about the Possibility Pyramid. And…if you look closely…you will see a Hummingbird flying outside the window behind me. Hummingbird symbolizes…JOY!  COOL …huh??? 


Thanks so much for stopping by for my first entry!  I look forward to our next connection!  In the meantime, have a day filled with creativity and joy…!

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