See life’s experiences through a new lens ... Shift your focus, clear out triggers, and then claim the true empowered YOU!

What we THINK about we bring about…
What we FOCUS on we find…
What we FEEL becomes real.
– Kathy Larsen

Who Is kathy larsen?

  • Grew up on a farm with 3 brothers
  • Married-divorced-married (one daughter, a step-son & step-daughter, two grandsons)
  • Worked in retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries
  • Been in my own business for 25 + years
  • Spent 15 years in a variety of leadership positions in the corporate world
  • Bachelor’s degree with a focus on business and marketing
  • Certified facilitator in communication, leadership, sales, service and spiritual programs
  • Ordained Minister, Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward (S.H.E.S.)
  • Past president of a variety of service organizations over the years 
  • Current member of the Global Connecting Consciousness and the Organizational Development Network
  • Current founder and leader of the HeartLighter™ Community
  • Author of “77 Secrets to Leadership Success” 
  • Author of the “Possibility PlayBook”
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Your Clarity Coach & Intuition Guide

I love creating a safe space for individuals and teams to step into their heart’s guidance, clear old patterns/beliefs, and create their goals/dreams from a solid foundation of purpose, passion, and playfulness.

Sometimes there is ‘stuff’ that gets in the way of living our mission on the planet, whether we are coming from an individual or business perspective. At times we know what is up and other times we don’t. Sometimes we are carrying programming that is not even ours. 

Here are a few life experiences that may help you decide if you would like to take the next step and explore more possibilities with me…

My Journey

It was during the healing journey after a car accident, I had in 1998, that I discovered I actually had a near death experience when I broke the back window of the 4 X 4 pick-up, with no headrest, with my head! I was guided to many non-traditional healing modalities after that. The education from that incident could never have been learned in classes or books. There is nothing like first hand experience to really see the value of each one. The ‘accident’ was truly a gift on so many levels! And…the guy’s last name who hit me from behind was “WAKEN”!

Then, in 2020 I had what I call my Great Awakening Wake Up Call!  So much has happened since then that has taken me to a renewed focus and realization of my purpose on the planet at this time! This was yet another opportunity of extensive learning and underlying discoveries of what is happening on so many levels of our existence on this planet and beyond. My focus of expanding my personal intuition and natural gifts went to a heightened state of awareness. I see much more clearly that ALL of this life and past life experiences have brought me to this time and place of creation.

The Bottom Line

My personal journey has taken me through a variety of adventures from a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and beyond perspective. I have connected with many practitioners, teachers, healers, leaders, certifications, etc. and created my own personal intuitively guided processes along the way. These experiences and tools have come in handy when assisting my clients to create more of what they want in their personal and professional lives.

Kathy Larsen Papillion Butterfly Bench


My Philosophy

“We Gotta be in RowMotion™ (Ready Open Willing) before we can be in FlowMotion™ (Fun Loving Open Wonderment”)! I have always had a deep underlying feeling that “It is Not Supposed to Be this Hard”, “People are Supposed to Get Along”, and “Life is Meant to be Enjoyed”! Now…I am seeing even more clearly that this “underlying feeling” is True…WooHoo:-)!! 

So much of it depends on where we are looking and what we are thinking, focusing, and feeling! I do my best to live my life from the energy of my Intuitive Heart’s Guidance and have discovered many ways to get myself back into alignment when I am not in that energy! This is what helps me assist others who are ready, open, and willing to Flow with me in the energy of Conscious Creation!

"Kathy brings her years of knowledge and experience to quickly tune into her guidance and intuition. She always knows the perfect questions to ask and how to interpret the information. I admire her ability to guide her clients and students in developing and using our own intuition while always projecting a positive, joyful, and uplifting attitude. I so appreciate the opportunities I have to be in her presence."

Let's Connect

I am so grateful to serve those who feel guided to play in this arena. Contact me if you would like to explore more than what you find here. I love chatting with those who feel the nudge!