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77 Secrets to Leadership Success – by Kathy Larsen

77 action statements to be an inspiring and empowering leader! Great gift idea for people at all levels…Exclusively sold here. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the secrets:

#13 See more in people than they see in themselves. It stimulates growth.

#32 Focus on the positive instead of the negative. When you do…they will.

#46 Be People Oriented and Goal Oriented at the same time.

#69 Remember you can’t motivate people, you can only create an environment where people want to be motivated.

Possibility PlayBook

Your heart-centered intuitive nature comes alive as you explore the 5 Step Possibility Pyramid Formula. This book oozes with the energy of Conscious Creation as you expand with each step of the formula within each chapter. Your creative spirit comes to play as each chapter builds on the last and you clear the way to creating your most desired intentions and goals, one guided step at a time.

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Possibility Playbook

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Releasing - Clearing - Balancing Tools

I have been creating tools over the years to assist my personal journey and they have also become useful for my clients and in PlayShops too! NOW I am beginning to put them out for others to experience as well. Examples are coming soon for your listening pleasure.

Clear the Fear

… Coming Soon …

Clarity Creation​

… Coming Soon …

Energy Balancing​

… Coming Soon …

Here is the website if you feel guided to check it out:
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Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about the customer and/or brand partner opportunities. And I can show you how to check in for yourself to see if any of these products would be optimal for your body, mind, and spirit.

Prime My Body Products

I have learned so much about the hemp industry in the 7 years that I have been affiliated with Prime My Body. I am a Founding Member and the products have been a part of my daily health regimen for those 7 years. My body’s endocannabinoid system is happy! This system provides a very viable support for the human body to “do it’s thing” in keeping my immune system and all the other systems in my body healthy and in balance. I am so impressed with the leadership, the overall quality of the company, their products, and the caliber of people attracted to this community. 

“We celebrate and empower a global  family to elevate health, prosperity,  and freedom for all.”

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