Conscious Creation Comes Alive from the inside out…let your Soul speak through your Heart


Kathy is Intuitively Generous. Her Intuition is her main guide through all decisions.

Kathy has the ability to make people feel more confident and safe when we are in her presence.

Kathy is filled with POSITIVE VIBES and spreads that to everyone she is around! I can truly say that I feel more positive and heart-centered just by being around her and listening to her.

Kathy brings her years of knowledge and experience to quickly tune into her guidance and intuition. She always knows the perfect questions to ask and how to interpret the information. I admire her ability to guide her clients and students in developing and using our own intuition while always projecting a positive, joyful, and uplifting attitude. I so appreciate the opportunities I have to be in her presence.

Kathy has a unique ability to listen, intuit, see, feel, and then enlighten a situation, concept, or moment for herself or someone else. She is famous for saying “checking in” and then saying that “anyone can do it..In fact, even YOU can do it”! However, while that may be true to some extent, she is uniquely gifted in doing so.

So much fun came up when thinking about my interactions with Kathy. She has the ability to help us see the magic in everyday life. She has such a playful spirit, I can't help myself from shifting my energy around her. Whatever challenges you are facing, Kathy uses her intuition to help you shine a new light on the situation, where you become curious about the meanings behind the challenge. She helps us see it through a new perspective…a perspective where we have the ability to create and bring forth the future that speaks to us.

Kathy makes people feel special, welcome, and loved. She brings out the innate, spiritual gifts people have within themselves and helps them live their gifts. She opens you up to possibilities that you never knew existed before.

Kathy has a unique ability to go with the flow. And to teach others to do the same. Life doesn’t have to be one way. She has shown me to accept what is optimal.

Kathy understands what is behind what is communicated. In other words, to hear the unsaid.

Kathy is guided by and makes all her decisions based on her intuition. Since Intuition is from the soul, she wants to keep fun and play involved in whatever she is doing - personal or professional. She always looks for the best in people and situations. Her leadership shines through because she follows her Intuition. She knows the path she is on and like-minded people follow her vision, confidence, and ability as she makes each person feel valued and important. Kathy is a bright light in a dark world and I continually learn from her.

Kathy is a GREAT Listener!

Thank You, Kathy, for an extraordinary morning of Conscious Creation! I feel inspired and grounded. I love your work and how the shifts happen so quickly. Laughter + Joy = Kathy!!

Today was so so Amazing! I’m still on a major high after letting it all GOOOO! You are the BEST! You bring your unique gifts to every interaction whether it be leading a corporate learning program or smaller group experience. Your presence truly is a present and you rock the world of others by bringing them back to shining their own light even brighter! And…God knows the belly laughs heal my heart and soul! Thanks, Kathy, for being YOU!

In our lives we meet many people along the way, some the painful thorns that become our greatest lessons, and some the jewels that will be life’s greatest teachers. You are the latter. You have taught me to dig deep to find the joy, courage, and passion that has always lived within me. And…the greatest gift of all…you taught me that life is a dance! Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!

My dearest Kathy, I cannot even express how Grateful I am for you! Thank You for sharing your message about “A New Birth Day”! I read it before I went to bed and I woke up yesterday and have a new me…I just can’t explain it! I did not realize how out of it I was… I now feel totally awakened… And I want you to know I am SO GRATEFUL! You are such a light for us all to see! Thank You!

Kathy has laser sharp intuition and is a master at “meeting you where you are” and helping you elevate your well-being in wholeness - body, mind, and spirit. She compassionately listens, she hears clues, follows her intuition, and guides you to find inner peace. She puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable even while sharing one’s weaknesses. I can really feel her unconditional love.

One of Kathy’s gifts that I LOVE is that she helps me move through blocks with ease and even FUN!!! I am good at making things harder than they are - Kathy has helped me move through some of my heaviest times with ease, grace, and even laughter.

Kathy has the beautiful gift of seeing a positive perspective in any situation. She can help find specific gifts in things that have happened. Even if it is hard to see at first, eventually with her help, the gifts within stay and emotional pain comes out.

Kathy helped me learn how to Love Myself…WOW! I will forever be grateful.

Kathy is fearless - she is not afraid to go to tough places emotionally. There have been times when I talked to her about canceling my session with her because I was feeling so sad or grumpy and I didn’t want to bring any negative energy to her. Every time she exclaims, “That’s exactly why you should come! Now come on over!”. I listened to her and I was ALWAYS so glad and grateful that I did come as she helped me so much. I always leave her feeling lighter, more at ease, and with a smile on my face and in my heart.

My face and heart are still Smiling BIGGGG!! I am always amazed at the mystery, synchronicities, and AWE-Amazing God-winks that happen in your sessions and classes. Thank You for enriching my life and helping me validate my purpose!! My Heart swells with excitement, happiness, and joy!!