The Mask Comes Off…

Happy Halloween!

YES YES YES…a perfect day for the Mask to come off…the Shield to release…and the NEW ME to EMERGE!

Food and Cup Messages 003

As I sit in the beautiful sun rising energy after my Yoga session this morning, I am READY to BE FREE to BE ME….YIPPPPEEEEE!!!   How about you???

Halloween Spirits are in the air and all kinds of trick or treaters are ready to embark on their special time of dress up and receiving lots of fun treats to eat!  I do LOVE the presence of orange during this Holiday too!  Orange is a bright creative color that assists us in creating what we are meant to create on this planet at this time…

And…I am ready to engage with the orange, take off the mask, and BE who I am HERE to BE…   I just completed the 3rd of 4 sessions recently for my first Conscious Creation Circle for Women” held at the HeartLight Connection Gathering Place...  AND…I am so Thrilled!  The women in this circle are absolutely Amazing…  Thank You Thank You Thank You to those who opened their heart, answered the nudge, and joined together to experience New World Ways of creating our Heart’s Desires through the Conscious Creation Process

And…private sessions are going incredibly well…  LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!   So…I share this because I feel like I am moving forward in a much bigger way to be who I am here to be and…IT FEELS GREAT!  These circles and sessions have helped me to see things with new eyes, to open myself to new possibilities, and to be in total trust of the process as I take each guided step (whether it seems to make sense at the time or not…:-). So…I guess that means I must be practicing what I teach…ha!

On this special day of Halloween as we break through to 11-1-12…I hope you are ready to remove your mask and be who you are here to be too!  As we each continue to connect with our heartlight, collaborate with each other, and create what we are guided to create our masks and the masks of those around us will begin to melt away and our hearts will sing in harmony the song of peace, love, and JOY…YIPPPEEEE!!!

Sometime on this special day, you might want to consider checking to see if there is a mask on your face and/or a shield on your heart that may be keeping the true you from showing up in the world???  Then…decide if you want to keep it there or release it… It is up to YOU…:-)  Feel free to share your insights as guided…:-) 

Gotta go…the orange sun has just made it to the horizon and it is calling me for a special sunshine treat…:-)

Have a Magical and Meaningful Halloween…


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2 Responses

  1. Hi Kathy, How inspiring!!! I LOVE your uplifting letter. It made me feel good just reading it. Do you leave messages like that every month? I will look foward to watching for them. Thank you…for being such an inspiration!! Maybe one of these days we can set up a session. 😉 Love Paula