Live the Dream in 2015!

Happy New Year!

WOW…already the 19th of January! And…it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Thought this would be a perfect day to explore a possible theme for this year… LIVE THE DREAM in 2015!

Imagine Create LiveThe last month or so has been quite a ride of adventures up and down, round and round, inside and out, and all about! And…from what I have been hearing, other people are also experiencing changes and adjustments into this New Year-New World! The key for me is to catch the downward spirals BEFORE they get to the deep, dark, dungeons of despair…and get back into Heart Balance. And…to realize that absolutely every experience is here for a reason and tapping into the Heart-Center for the Intuitive Guidance is ALWAYS the best way out of it and on to the next steps of Living the Dream in 2015… And…many times we can get there by ourselves and other times we need a little help…

And…being in the adventure of it all…observing ourselves and the beauty of life in ALL of our human experiences is the true nature of Living the Dream!        The richness of life comes in tapping more fully into our Heart-Center and following through with the guidance it brings. I have recently been studying the research that HeartMath ( has conducted in relation to the heart and heart rhythms and how quickly we can step out of stress and into love by focusing on and from our heart. And…no matter what we are going through, when we come back to the heart and get into the feeling state of how we want to be…things change in a very positive way…

I have known about the HeartMath Research for many years… It is on my list of things (right now the list is at 75 and growing:-) we can do to LET GO and ALLOW the different ways to Live our Dreams to show up in our daily activities!  However, over the Holidays, I was guided to take a deeper look into HeartMath through the work of Sheva Carr’s “Being the Source of Love”.  It was WAY COOL because I was getting validated right and left and up and down and mostly from the Heart-Center that the HeartMath research is a HUGE scientific validation for the foundation of ALL the programs and services that I offer. The quote that I use as part of everything I teach, every session that I facilitate, every person that I coach, and it seems to come up in many every day conversations is:

What we THINK about we bring about…
What we FOCUS on we find…
What we FEEL becomes real…
~Kathy Larsen

And…after studying more of the HeartMath research examples, I have a renewed sense of excitement about this statement. Especially the FEEL part because I believe the Heart (where feeling begins:-) is the key to creating what we want in our lives! FEELing our intentions/dreams/goals from the HEART and engaging all the senses from there, energizes the flow into the next steps of Living the Dream in 2015!

So…on this Special Day of Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr…I invite you to spark your HeartLight Connection, Tune in to your Heart, Take a Deep Breath or two, and Tap the infinite Source of Love that is always there to bring you into Balance and Allow you to LIVE YOUR DREAMS in 2015!

And…feel free to share any dreams here to help amplify the intention and focus…:-)  I will be glad to bring some Heart-Energy into your dreams too! And…if your Heart says you need some assistance for yourself, your family, your community, or your workplace! Feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to explore the possibilities with you…

Until next time…Have a Happy Heart Day!

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Kathy! Thank you for this inspirational message FULL of AWESOME reminders about all that we can be and have in the new year! This is JUST the message I needed to start my day. Like many others, I have BIG, BIG goals in 2015 and by tapping into my heart (where my dreams live) I am able to create more fun and space in reaching them. My biggest dream for this year is to grow my business to support the folks I am meant to support along their own journey and do it all with a grateful and humbled heart!

    As always, all of my best for a year filled with MAGIC for you, my dear friend.


    1. Hi Angie! Thanks so much for your message! Sending positive energy your way for your Flourishing Business with Perfect Clients receiving Amazing Results in 2015 and beyond! Have a Grateful Heart Adventure…one precious step at a time! Cheers!