Communicating with S.E.L.F!

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Communication is the life-blood of ALL of our daily encounters! In my experience with individuals and teams, Communication is ALWAYS a KEY piece of the puzzle to Empower Ourselves, Enhance Relationships, and Engage Employees!

IMG_1342And…Communication starts with ourSELVES…  When we Communicate in positive ways with ourselves, the Communication with others becomes much more enjoyable… The more positive energy and words that we speak in our heads or to others about ourSELF, the more positive our Communication will be with others. Research shows over and over again that our thoughts and energy create our reality. My underlying quote and philosophy of all of my programs and my life is:

“What we THINK about we bring about…
What we FOCUS on we find…
What we FEEL becomes real…”
~Kathy Larsen

So…as we step into this realm of positive focus coming to ourselves from ourselves, we can then begin to experience more opportunities to focus in that way with others in our life. Energizing our Communication with positive energy, no matter what our experiences in the past have been:-), frees up a new way of being with people in this new moment of time… And…yep…it does take practice…at least that is how it has been for me!!! And…more opportunities for practicing these principles seem to pop up now and then to make sure I am practicing what I teach…HA:-)!!!

Since Communication so depends on each of us as individuals and how we are showing up, I came up with a new formula for the KEY to Communicating Effectively:

S.E.L.F. = Stop Everything & Listen Focus

The KEY to be a Great Communicator and Empowering Relationship Builder is to LISTEN. As we get good at Stopping Everything Else we are Doing and Listening with Focused Attention, people feel Heard, Valued, Honored, and Respected. And…YOU become the Communication HERO as you model this life enhancing behavior…

So…I encourage you to take some time for S.E.L.F. today!  Enjoy how much easier Communication can be when we show up with positive energy and focus ourSELF on the other person and really Listen Listen Listen to the Words, Tone of Voice, and Body Language of those around us. You might be surprised at what you ‘really’ hear. This is one of my 9 Action Guides to Effective Listening…

And…I have a lot more tools to assist the journey to bring out that Communication Hero in You! Or, to Enhance the Communication for your Team/Organization. If you are interested in seeing more about my speaking and coaching services check them out here, or contact me here.

In the Meantime…  Have a Day Filled with Empowering Communications!


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