Ever Feel Like You’re Walking on Eggshells?

Hi There!

I have heard this from several people lately in regard to communicating with key people in their life!

And…to be honest…it is something that has been a part of my life with certain people over the years. Knowing I have something that really needs to be said…yet…realizing if I don’t say it in the right way, it could be taken wrong and I could get a ‘not so good’ reaction! Of course, this is based on past interactions with those particular people who have reacted in anger, defensiveness, or just didn’t listen at all. And…that can bring up intense fear depending on the person, situation, and past experience…  So…this is what typically happens…things just become unsaid and stuffed inside because it just isn’t worth it to talk about it... And…the egg shells keep expanding and growing with more situations and people…

Until…we decide to change that pattern! Stuffing our feelings and not speaking about what is up for us (in an appropriate way:-) can cause all kinds of havoc in our body, mind, and spirit. At least that was my experience and appears to be the experience of many of my clients. Several years ago, I began to realize this ‘walking on eggshells’ pattern was no longer serving me (or those around me:-) and it was time to do something about it. The final straw was when my body started telling me VERY CLEARLY...if I didn’t take care of this, I most likely was not going to be on the planet for very much longer…:-)

So…I listened and took action! And…within this process of getting my body, mind, and spirit back in balance, I learned and experienced so much about myself, my triggers, and most importantly I created some FUN ways to Clear the Way to express myself better in all situations. And…along the way, I discovered OH SO MUCH MORE that was running the show in regard to this ‘walking on eggshells’ pattern I was experiencing.

It has been an amazing journey so far! I am so blessed for all the people, places, and things that have been my triggers over the years to allow me to learn and grow and bring myself back into alignment in order to express myself more fully, communicate more effectively, and live a more vibrant life….on purpose, with passion, in playfulness…:-)

One of my most favorite things to do is help others move through their triggers so they can get on with their life! It is an honor to be that sounding board, that place for people to stomp on those eggshells and say what needs to be said, and to share their stories in a safe, accepting, caring, environment. Then intuitively create the uniquely personalized way for them to CLEAR THE WAY to being, doing, and having what they are wanting more of in life… 

I got a MAJOR VALIDATION yesterday that I FINALLY TOTALLY CLEARED a HUGE ‘walking on eggshells’ trigger that has been a part of my journey for a very long time… I was chipping away at it…and NOW NOW NOW it is GONE! YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!  So…in CELEBRATION of that, I am finishing this blog post TODAY! Thanks so much for being here to help me CELEBRATE!!!!

So…What are your triggers? Are you taking time to listen to them? Are you taking action to clear them? Are you blaming someone else or owning your “walking on eggshells” reactions to people, places, and things? Are you exploring new ways to express yourself? Do you feel balanced in body, mind, and spirit? Are you skipping through life or tip toeing through the eggshells?

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for HELP:-)!  Many times it only takes one session to CLEAR THE WAY to the next steps on your journey!

Until Next Time…Have a CLEAR DAY!

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