Things aren’t always as they seem…

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WOW…almost the end of August! Time is just moving right along! And…to take us back in time and cool things off a bit, I decided to share a picture with you to see what you see? Isn’t this a sweet picture of my Mom and Dad in their early years of marriage? My cousin had the statue made of the actual picture for their 50th Wedding Anniversary several years ago. Look closely… Does it look to you like they are dancing or does something else come to mind???

Mom and Dad Statue Well…when I first saw the statue, I was sure they were dancing together in a sweet loving connection. They met at a dance and in my growing up years, I really didn’t see them in an embrace like this very often. They looked like they were having such a sweet time of it. Then…a year or so ago, I asked my Mom where the statue was because I remembered it from their 50th anniversary celebration and I was so taken by how sweet they looked together.

Then…when she brought it out, I was fondly looking at it and asked if she remembered this dancing experience. She laughed and said “Oh, we weren’t dancing, he was throwing a snowball at me and I was pushing him away!” LOL…:-)  NOW…THAT would be my DAD! I hadn’t really noticed that they had coats on. However, I was sure if they were in a loving connected moment, they could have stopped to break into a loving dance move together…Right?

I share this “things aren’t always as they seem” example for a couple of reasons. First, August is my Dad’s Birthday month and he passed away 12 years ago. So…in memory of him and his playful spirit, I share this precious picture with you. Second, it was such a wonderful example of how my view of things may be different than other’s views and how important it is to ask questions directly to those involved to get to the truth of the matter…

I recently facilitated an all day “Getting Results through Communication” Program and reminded the participants how our words, energy, non-verbals, actions, etc. can communicate something different than what we are wanting to communicate. It is so important that all of the pieces are in sync to make sure we are being clear, being heard, and being understood…

How many times do we go through life making assumptions or making up stories about people, places, situations, and things only to find out that we put all that energy into something that wasn’t even true? So…bottom line…when we are unclear about something…go to the source and ask clarifying questions…then listen for the truth to unfold… It just works better that way!

Oh…BTW…the “Cool things off a bit” that I mentioned in the first part of this message was of course “The SNOWBALL SURPRISE”! Winter will be here before we know it…YIKES!

Until next time…Hope the rest of the Summer brings Crystal Clear Views for YOU!!!



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2 Responses

  1. Although you had told me this story, it was really nice to see the statue/picture
    and see how clarity helped the understanding. And, I imagine your Mom liked
    being shown interest about this time in the past! Celebrating clarity and how it
    can create room for joy!! Thanks, Kathy!

    1. Thanks, Loyie! Appreciate your comment! Celebrating more and more clarity every day…YAY:-)! And…Mom actually gave me the statue…so that was a sweet treat that came out of the clarifying moments!