From FEAR to FREE…

Hi There!

Anybody else been faced with FEAR energy popping in to rob us of our FREEdom to take the next steps on our journey?? Whew…been quite a ride for me lately! Since I have been in the midst of this, I thought it would be a great time to share some ways to move through these FEAR energies and return to our natural state of FREE Flowing into our next inspired actions. Here are the steps that typically happen when FEAR shows up for me:

1. I FEEL the anxious anxiety ickiness in my gut and my mind goes crazy with negative chatter.
2. I observe myself being in it while I am in it…(This part is actually kinda cool:-)
3. Then…I pick myself up and check in with my heart to see what’s up? (Using Intuitive Tools)
4. Then…I take the guided steps to clear the way…(Usually something really fun and different:-)
5. Then…I FEEL the FREEdom and engage with my next guided steps…(YIPPPPPEEEE:-)

And…sometimes when BIG DECISIONS are in front of me…this process gets played out a few more times until I actually walk through to the other side of the FEAR to then be FREE to proceed! With the smaller fears…once is typically enough to break FREE to the other side! The COOLEST part for me is ALWAYS on the other side of the FEAR, I am at a New Lighter, Brighter, Happy, Trusting, Creative, Loving, Energized, Playful, etc. place than I was before this important piece of my journey popped in…

Gateway Nature

I have learned that FEAR is a positive thing to help us move forward into new adventures and to be more on purpose in our lives… A common saying about what FEAR stands for is “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Zig Ziglar shared a couple ways to look at Fear. It can either be “Forget Everything and Run” or “Face Everything and Ride”! I prefer going on the ride:-). And…I came up with a couple meanings too:

F = Finally

E = Engage

A = Acknowledge

R = Release



E = Entertaining

A = Awarness

R = Reframed

I was faced with a Business Decision recently that took me into various levels of FEAR energy and offered me the opportunity to CLEAR a few more old patterns/habits/beliefs! Sometimes people think I am free of all the “stuff” that shows up to clear out in order to move on. one point on my journey I thought that too…LOL:-). REALLY…this is showing up again…Dang…when will it be over so I can really get to where I am going??? Then…the clarity came loud and clear…THIS just might be the FUN part…Ha! The quicker I Face the Fear, the easier it is to break through, and the faster I can move into that next higher place of vibrant aliveness!!

The Business Decision was to add a larger Suite to my HeartLight Connection office space for bigger groups! I kept going to my heart and getting that this decision would open the doors to more than just this office space. Many more pieces would come together when I committed to this additional space. I was getting validation after validation that this was the case and that it truly was optimal to lease this space. So…after a few guided clearing experiences…I took the leap! And…here are a few things that have happened since that decision:

1. Another facilitator who comes back from Bolder to do classes is renting it for a class.
2. Two of the Conscious Creation Comes Alive! Groups are coming together to form a larger group.
3. A new Conscious Creation Group has started the 8 part Series.
4. My husband and I found the perfect table and chairs for a GREAT price! It has been a year of looking.
5. Ideas for how this space will be used keep coming in for exploration…

And… I am sure this is ONLY THE BEGINNING of more Amazing Opportunities and Manifestations to Come!

Hopefully, these tips will help you face your FEARS and break through to the natural state of FREEdom! And…if you are feeling the nudge for some help to Clear the Fear or Get Clarity for your next inspired steps, please feel free to contact me to explore the possibilities…

In the meantime, may the Positive Focused Force FREEly be with you…


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