Conscious Clutter Clearing…

Hi There!

Clutter Clearing…YUCK! Anybody, besides me, have closets, drawers, boxes, and files to go through to get rid of ‘old stuff’ to make way for a more organized way of living? Releasing, Reorganizing, and Repurposing to get to a Refreshing State of Renewal is such a worthwhile endeavor…any time of year!

Sometimes just taking a small first step can be the thing we need to do to get things rolling. And…as we begin to clear our physical surroundings, our mental cobwebs begin to move out too, and our heart opens to what is next on our life’s journey…  As we consciously connect with what needs to be cleared, then clear it, the energy is open to the next positive step toward our intentions, dreams, and goals… I decided recently to take one small “conscious clutter clearing” step by cleaning out a drawer in my bathroom that I open almost every day.


To my surprise I found ALL these combs and brushes in the back of the drawer! Here is the funny part…I haven’t used a comb or a brush on my hair for years…ha! I realized as I was removing what was no longer serving me from a practical perspective, it was also affecting me energetically. I felt lighter, happier, and more energized! And…the good news is…I smile every morning when I open that drawer and see the new freshly organized view. The message here is 3 fold:

1. Start with a small project…the drawer.
2. Feel the energizing energy of letting go.
3. Open to the new view….SMILE…
So…as you start to play into your Conscious Clutter Clearing…remember these three tips and clear the way to more purpose, passion, and playfulness in your everyday life!

And…after that small project is cleansed, cleared, and clutter free…the spark is lit to move consciously into the next perfect project! This is also true as we clear the way to our intentions, goals, and dreams! As we begin to pay closer attention to our thoughts, words, and feelings that are cluttering up our mind and blocking the next steps on our journey…and clear them out…we feel energized and open to the new view…the next step on our journey. And…every day life truly does become magical! For now…you might want to consider starting with a small drawer or a shelf in your closet to get the conscious clearing energy flowing. You too may be surprised what you find. When it is complete…enjoy the new view. Then…be open to the next step on your journey.

And…if you are feeling the need for help in consciously clearing the way and/or identifying your next steps, it would be an honor to play into the possibilities with you!  I would be happy to chat with you about your situation and explore the next steps on your journey…  And…just so you know…each person or group that I work (play:-) with is unique! Many new and different ways of conscious clearing or conscious creation show up to fit the person, group, or situation… Intuition (yours and mine:-) is the Guide…and FUN always shows up at some point in the individual sessions, classes, and coaching programs…

Also…check out the “Clear your Fears…B/4 the New Year”! Class coming up on 12-5-15!

And…I would love to hear about any “comb and brush” stories that you would like to share as you Consciously Clear the Way in your home, your office, or yourself!  Just post them below…

Until next time…Happy Conscious Clutter Clearing…  Enjoy the Adventure!


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