Are We H.O.M.E. Yet???

The word HOME has a Heart Centered FEEL to me…  Whenever I return home from just about anything I always say to myself or out loud…ahhhhhhh…it feels good to be home! I take a deep breath of appreciation, change into some comfy clothes, and move into the energy of HOME…:-). I know not everyone has that particular feeling when they walk into their home. So…I am so grateful for how this word HOME shows up in my life!

One day as I was playing with new ways of describing things for my classes and my “Conscious Creation PlayBook”, an acronym for H.O.M.E. came to me! And…it would not only become a great teaching tool, it also became a chapter in the book! This is truly the place where EVERYTHING begins…at HOME:-)!!

HOME with heartIn my Conscious Creation Formula…H.O.M.E. stands for HEART OPEN MIND EMPTY! A perfect place to start! Sometimes it takes a while to truly get HOME! Things can surface to be cleared out before we can get there. However, when we are in that place of Heart Open Mind Empty…the Conscious Creation process kicks into gear!

Research shows that our Heart is the main source of our Intuition. So it becomes a KEY FACTOR in creating more of what we want in our lives and work environments…

Here is a Fun exercise we can do to tap into the Heart Energy. First, take your dominant hand and place it in the center of your chest and do a flip the switch type of motion. (AKA Turn it ON). Take a Deep Breathe and twist your fingers a bit as if you are getting to the best station (AKA Tune It IN). Take another Deep Breathe and tap your Heart to acknowledge it’s clear frequency (AKA Tap It…often). Really FEEL the connection with your Heart as you continue to B R E A T H E….ahhhhhhh:-). So…there you have it…a FUN Heart Opening Activity!

As we focus on Turning It On, Tuning It In, Tapping It Often our Heart begins to take the lead and the Mind naturally begins to calm down. Mind Chatter can be a major distraction to Conscious Creation. So…as we continue to put the emphasis on our Heart, the Mind empties the chatter that does not serve us. It may help to think of a blank piece of paper, a clean slate, a bright light, or something that is really nothing…

Sometimes this works pretty quickly and other times it takes a while to get H.O.M.E... Know that whatever stage you are in is perfect for your journey! If the mind is not ready to empty…that is way OK. Just be with it and keep playing with the Heart Opening exercise. And…start getting more acquainted with what it FEELS like when you are connected with your Heart…

Also, remember that the Mind is still a vital part of the journey. It just plays a different role in this Conscious Creation process. The Mind is following the Heart’s Lead and it needs to be quiet and clear in order to hear the messages from the Heart:-)! Then…it takes those messages and flows into laser like focus to allow the next guided steps to be revealed so we can take inspired action… After the Mind Empties (M.E.) it then moves into Mind Engaged (M.E.) in a new Heart-Centered way… Then…Life truly becomes Magical, Meaningful, and Miraculous!

Need Help getting H.O.M.E.??? If you would like assistance in clearing the way HOME so you can create more of what you want in your life and work environment, I would love to learn more about your situation and explore the possibilities with you. FREE half hour consultations available!

And…I have a “Clear your Fears…before the New Year!” 2 hour class scheduled for Saturday, 12-5-15  if you feel the nudge to check that out…

And…until next time…from my Heart to Yours…May the Bright Lights of the Holiday Season guide you to the loving and creative energy of HOME!


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