Me, MySelf, and I Retreat Times

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Personal Retreat Times (AKA Me, Myself, and I Retreats) are a key part of my journey. There are a variety of ways to BE in Retreat and they can be for different lengths of time, in a variety of locations, and for a variety of purposes.

Sunset Platte River TreesPeople often ask “What do you do in your ‘Me, Myself, and I Retreats’? The answer is “Whatever I am guided to do…”! This is the beauty of it…I have no agenda. I tried that agenda and expectation thing in some of my early retreating times and realized very quickly that my main purpose was to be free of everything…ESPECIALLY Expectations and Agendas…ha!

All I have to DO is check in with my guidance, trust it, and follow through with it…

I have also had people ask “Are they Silent Retreats?”. The answer is “Absolutely Not!” There may be some silent times as I am guided through the days. However, my retreats may involve singing, dancing, laughing, speaking, and connecting verbally with things that may show up on my adventures.

Silent Retreats can also be very affective for people who choose that route. I certainly, understand, and respect that…It just is not typically my way for Personal Retreating. For those of you who know me…I am sure you know why…ha!

My experience has shown me that if I am going to do a full on ‘Me, Myself, and I Retreat’, I want it to be at least 3 nights. There is something that occurs in that 3rd day that brings it all together and I am more prepared for re-entry into everyday life. However, they can be done in very short spurts of time as well. Even a half hour of just being with ‘Me, Myself, and I’ with no to do list, expectations, or people around can be quite refreshing. And…if you can get away for a half day or day or whatever length of time you can muster up and are guided into is perfect for you! And…having nature be a part of it is always an added blessing…

I recently went on a Personal Retreat in a cabin in the woods. It was SO Refreshing, Relaxing, and Restoring. Each of my retreats are quite different. However, they do have a bit of a theme that I have noticed over the years…although I am always open for the theme to change:-). So…here is what typically happens:

1. Bring my things in, get settled, and re-create the space as guided. I love to make the space my space for the time I am there. It is fun for me to do this and I have been known to change things around throughout the time there. Typically, I take a picture of the space when I arrive so I can remember where everything was before my ‘space creation’ energy kicks in. That way I can put it back like it was before I leave…

2. Sleep most of the first day:-)! Yep..I take a nap…wake up and do something guided for typically a short period of time…then take another nap and repeat…until I am all napped out:-)! This rest period seems to be a key part of preparing for what is to come…

3. Pay little attention to the clock and stay away from my phone, texts, emails, etc. unless guided to check it. I know that many people stay completely away from technology and I have been guided to that at times as well. However, sometimes messages that I need to see for the good of my personal retreat time are there. So…bottom line…I follow my heart’s guidance on that along with everything else during this time away. I also let people know I have limited access to texts, emails, phone calls, etc. so if I do not respond right away…I will respond on the date I return:-).

4. From this point on…it just becomes a beautiful weaving of things happening that could never be planned. One guided and trusted step taken leads to the next and the unfolding is beyond amazing. It all comes together on the last day and I am then ready to re-enter my everyday life with a renewed focus and energy for what is next in life’s precious adventures…

When I devote this time to Myself, I feel great and I am in a much better place to be there more fully for others. SO…I encourage you to take time on a regular basis for YOU! It doesn’t have to be a full on Personal Retreat. However, taking a break away from everything and everybody for even a half hour can make a HUGE difference in how you feel and how the people around you feel!

If you would like some help getting the Best Way for YOU to be with YOU…or any other Clarity Exploration you are in the midst of in your personal or professional life…Feel free to contact me for a 22 minute FREE Clarity Consultation!

AND…another thing that typically happens during my Me, Myself, and I Retreats is I do a variety of clearing activities to clear the way for the next steps on my journey! At times, I am guided to record them for future personal use or to share with people to assist them on their journey. SO…here is an example of an “inthemoment” Letting Go Horse Play Clearing. Just take a deep breath and focus on something you feel guided to LET GO of and ALLOW the horse energy to move it on through. Turn up the volume and Enjoy!

Letting Go Horse Play

Until next time…Consider taking a few minutes a day to JUST BE WITH YOU…AHHHH!

In Appreciation and Joy,

Kathy Larsen

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