Trust Your Triggers!

Live the Adventure

Our Everyday Triggers are often THE BEST
gifts on our journey to achieve our heart-guided intentions/goals! Life becomes a more playful and curious state of grace when we realize the unique messages our triggers are bringing up for our exploration and inspired action…

After realizing the gifts from a pretty serious car accident several years ago…I knew there was more to explore around my triggers and the messages they brought to my life’s adventures! I was hit from behind by an SUV driven by a guy who’s last name was WAKEN… What a Trigger …Gotta Love it! It ultimately was a blessing and a turning point in my life!!

Here is an Excerpt from the “Let Go” Chapter
of my “Conscious Creation PlayBook” (Manifesting Magic and Meaning in Everyday Life!). It may be helpful as you move more fully into living the life you were born to live!

How is love showing up for you in your daily life? If you are feeling anything ‘unlike love’ in your system (including thoughts, feelings, or words), it always indicates there is something within you that is surfacing to explore. It doesn’t matter whether the ‘unlike love’ energy is triggered by you, or something, or someone else, it is always about you and how you are responding or what you are experiencing. It is a gift, a message for you to look closely, let go of your judgments, and check in from the heart for your next move…

I know this can be a hard one to swallow when we really want to go into blaming, shaming, and judging, etc. Trust me, I have thought many times “This can’t possibly be about me? It is their issue, not mine.” The test is, if you are responding from the LOVE IS column, it most likely is NOT about you. If you are responding from the LOVE IS NOT column…then there is definitely something for you to explore. It could mean there is something that is surfacing for you to clear. Or, other reasons, like take a break from or leave this person, place, or thing. Or, time to set boundaries, speak up, etc. Or, there may be a physical/chemical or some other imbalance to address. Or, maybe you are being affected by the collective energies happening in the world. The point being, it is surfacing something for YOU to take to heart and engage with in one way or another. Here are a few words to help identify Love is NOT or Love is Feelings:

                         LOVE is NOT:                            LOVE IS:                      Heart Thoughts to Explore?

                               Fearful                                       Loving
                              Jealous                                       Peaceful
                              Blaming                                      Playful
                              Angry                                          Open
                              Hateful                                        Willing
                              Resentful                                    Connected
                              Disrespectful                               Creative
                              Judgmental                                 Caring
                              Rejecting                                     Reassuring
                              Mean                                           Energizing
                              Degrading                                   Accepting
                              Controlling                                   Honoring
                              Bitter                                           Respectful
                              Stubborn                                     Free
                              Anxious                                       Trusting
                              Shameful                                     Engaging
                              Vengeful                                      Safe
                              Guilty                                           Enjoyable
                              Disparaging                                 Meaningful
                              Unforgiving                                   Forgiving
                              Sadness                                      Adventurous
                              Stressed                                      Encouraging

AND…there are multiple ways to shift the focus and flow more fully into the True You! What I enjoy most about my purpose on the planet is helping people get to their inner compass, their intuitive nature, their playful spirit, their loving heart in order to take the next steps on their purpose-filled path! This is done through my Clarity Therapy™ and FlowMotion™ Programs. If you are feeling any of the “unlike love” energies noted above and you are ready, open, and willing to get clarity on your next steps… Please contact me for a FREE 22 minute Clarity Consultation! I would love to chat with you and play into what’s up and what’s next for you…

AND…if you would like to take this “Trust your Triggers” topic to a deeper level of understanding and play into the tools to assist you on your journey, please check out this class coming up on Saturday, July 29th from 9:30 to 11:30 at the HeartLight Connection Gathering Place.

In the meantime, with all the ‘unlike love’ energies floating around us these days from OTHER people, places, and things… When you FEEL it affecting you…STOP…take a few deep cleansing breaths and center your self from the heart. Yep…sometimes that is all it takes to get back on track…AHHHHHHHH!

Feels better already…RIGHT???

Have a day filled with discovering your triggers and shifting your focus into the TRUE YOU…WOO HOO!


Kathy Larsen

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