A Reflection on FREEDOM…

Happy 7-7-7 (2+0+2+3=7)…3 days after the 4th! 

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What I love about the 4th of July is the FOCUS on FREEDOM! Lots of Celebrations, Fireworks, Group Gatherings and so much more are part of this special day! However, when I think about all the 4th of July’s that I have experienced over the years, it is this July 4th, 2023, that I am more GRATEFUL than EVER before!! Grateful for the FREEDOM that has been given to us by those who fought so hard to get it in 1776 and those who have assisted in so many amazing ways to keep it or in some cases…get it back!!

FREEDOM can come in so many different packages depending on each individual person and their unique path and purpose. I have become very clear through the last 3 1/2 years of this Great Awakening what FREEDOM means to me and my role in continuing to FEEL that FREEDOM no matter what may be going on outside of me…  It has activated so much appreciation for a deep FREEDOM that, for me personally, was taken for granite for far too long… NOW is the TIME to EXPRESS it in NEW WAVES of Possibilities and Creativity from a Heart-Centered space of Harmony, Peace, and Joy…embraced in the energetic frequency of Divine Love…

For this…FREEDOM Celebration Time, I am called to honor my ancestral heritage of Freedom Fighters and Freedom Seekers…  My Dad was a Pilot in the Air Force, My Grandfather (his Dad) was in the Army, and my Great-Great (maybe another Great:-) Grandfather was in the Civil War…  And…I am married to a guy who was part of the Construction Battalion (SeaBees) in the Navy. So…my roots go deep into those who fought for our Freedom over several generations…

AND…my Mom’s Father and Mother came to the United States seeking Freedom, with very little with them, to assist in creating a new life in a new country. WOW…just think about what courage it would take in those days to leave your country to begin a new life in the Land of the FREE and Home of the BRAVE… The entrepreneurial spirit comes alive through these acts of trust, faith, love of family, and ambition for something better for themselves and for generations to come…

Thank You Thank You Thank You…I am in deep Gratitude for those who came before me to live, breathe, and protect the FREEDOM that was signed into reality in 1776! I would not be here to experience these historic times we are in on the planet right now if it was not for YOU! And…I am in deep Appreciation for ALL of those who continue to spark the FREEDOM Spirit in so so so many ways to insure that FREEDOM continues to RING AND RING AND RING…We Got This!!!

So…When you connect more consciously with your Heart-Center on this time of Freedom’s Celebration, What Freedom’s do you Cherish? What Freedom Fighters or Freedom Seekers are you remembering who have set the stage for your Freedom? What do you feel guided to be, do, or have to live the life you were born to live in the Essence of Freedom’s Calling? If you are looking for some help in tapping into your intuition and natural gifts to support your Freedom Journey…Feel Free to reach out me… 


In Appreciation and Reflection,

Kathy Larsen

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    1. Yes indeed! FREEDOM SEEKERS and FREEDOM FINDERS Unite in a creative state of peace, harmony, and joy…and a lot of Heart Hugs too…WooHoo! Focusing FREEDOM from the Heart is a great place to start💖! Thanks for commenting… This is giving me an opportunity to discover how all the bells and whistles work on my new website…((((💜))))

  1. Those who honored the right to be free thru our Constitution we owe a debt of gratitude! Thank you Kathy!! We can always be free if we choose to soar!

    1. Yes Yes Yes…Continuing to Soar on FREEDOM’S Wings is a great place BEEEE…YIPPPEEEE!! We each have the choice to focus our attention and intention on what brings us joy and clear up whatever may be going on ‘inside of ourselves’ to keep us from that balanced state of flying high 🦋😇🦋!! It truly is an inside job…I love the saying “Observing vs Absorbing” what may be showing up, outside of ourselves, that is not reflecting our heart-centered love-based joy-filled vibes…Being in the FLOW of the ups and downs, then trusting, and bringing myself back to center in the most optimal way is the key for me during these evolutionary times…Enjoy the Journey…((((💖))))

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