HeartLight Connection is Blooming…!

Hi ThereWelcome to HeartLight Connection’s Spring Blooming…!

I am NOW ready to begin the story (that is still evolving) of the birth of HeartLight Connection… My intention in sharing this is to help you spark your HeartLight into connecting with who you are, why you are here, and what next inspired steps you might take on your journey…Enjoy!!

Just makes me SMILE…when I reflect on all that has unfolded since the beginning seed was planted for my new business name “HeartLight Connection”!  It became quite clear early on in the journey that there were some things I needed to explore within myself to be ready to represent this new identity!  So…I decided it would be fun to share the story of HeartLight Connection’s birth with you.  It ties so beautifully into my renewed passion to help people Connect with their HeartLight, Collaborate with their Guidance System, and Create whatever they want in all aspects of their life…! 

First thing I discovered…YIKES…gotta practice what I preach…so to speak…ha!!!  Or, shall I say, we teach what we most need to learn…don’t ya love it when that happens???  So…the journey begins…

It was March, 2011 and it felt like I was in that darn cocoon for WAY TO LONG  (too many years actually)…busting at the seams and ready to pop out of the darkness and get to that beautiful flying flittering flickering free butterfly…NOW:-)!!! So…it was time to hire a coach to help me move it along… To get crystal clear about my focus for the next generation of my business! Well…it became clear very quickly that NOW wasn’t going to be the ‘RIGHT AWAY’ NOW cocoon opening I was ‘thinking’…ha!  A few things needed to be cleared up and out in order to make a crack in that cocoon and as we all know, cracking it too early is NOT a good thing:-).

And…I am one of those who has put LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of WORK over the last several years into clearing the way to live my Heart’s Desires. I like to call it PLAY instead of WORK…and most of the time it is PLAY…however…sometimes, I have to admit, it feels more like work until I get through it. And…whether it feels like play or work while I am in it…I am always always always at a richer, more vibrant and loving place afterwards:-)   And…that is what helps me move through each stage, each adventure, each trigger, etc. in Trust, Acceptance, and Love (TAL)…ha! Stand TAL with it ALL…  I do love creating fun acronyms to assist the journey…:-)

I love how I was guided to the right and perfect coach for this clarifying mission! I was led to a Directory of Coaches where I had my coaching information listed https://www.justaboutperfect.org. I scanned the pictures and got an intuitive hit on a couple of them. Then…I checked the websites and it came down to one, Steven Fulmer, https://www.stevenfulmer.com. He is a coach and a speaker like me and I liked what I saw on his website…  So…I decided I wanted to have a bit more of a validation that he was ‘the one’ before I made the call. My Final Decision would come when I KNEW with complete certainty that he was the right and perfect one for me at this stage of my journey…  

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I share ‘the message’ I received confirming that Steven was ‘The One’…

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