Grand Opening Validation!

Welcome Back!

OK…So I announced the GRAND OPENING of HeartLight Connection yesterday in My Blog Post…   Last night I went to a dinner meeting. I was learning a lot about one couple that was sitting next to us. An older couple with such sweet stories about their life. Then…someone across the table asked what I do and I shared a bit about HeartLight Connection and the speaking, writing, and coaching services I provide. All of the sudden the person next to her is getting the spelling of the name and going to my website on his smart phone. Then…they are passing it around the table for everyone to see…one person is trying to hear the video…two people ask for my business card!  WOW…it was absolutely amazing…

AND…I have to say…this sort of thing may happen to you on a regular basis…not me…ha! This was the first time anyone has accessed my website on the spot while I am in their presence…  Incredible validation that the Grand Opening Announcement put the perfect surge of energy out there to attract interest!  Not to mention shifting my energy in order to receive it…  Although…I gotta say…for those few minutes the attention was a bit overwhelming!  And…that being said…I am certainly open to receive more of it…LOL!

So…If any of my table mates are reading this blog!  Thank You Thank You Thank You!  It was a perfect validation after I had just announced the GRAND OPENING on my blog!  It was a pleasure meeting you and dining together… I am thrilled that you played such a valuable role in my HeartLight Connection Adventure!

Are your actions being validated? Do you speak confidently about your work in the world? Are you paying attention to the messages that show up in everyday life? Are you thinking, focusing, and feeling what you want in your life vs. what you don’t want?  Are you open to receiving your heart’s desires? 

Pondering these questions may provide the nudge you need to take a guided step forward that just might lead you into empowering validations and fun experiences…

Until next time…Enjoy ALL the Possibilities…they are EVERYWHERE!!!

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