Let Freedom Ring…and Fly!

Happy Freedom Day!

Don and Kathy 0161

I am so Blessed! On this most perfect day of celebrating FREEDOM, the last 2 Baby Martins just flew from their sweet little martin house while I was watching this morning…  What powerful symbolism on this day we Celebrate Freedom! I could feel the energy of their ‘fear to fly’ as they nudged each other toward the edge. They had been stepping out of the hole a little at a time over the last couple of weeks. Today…July 4th…they were on the edge of their little patio along side their house (more like a hotel:-) almost slipping off…then stepping back…almost slipping off…stepping back. Wings fluttering a little as they prepared for flight. One would look over and back up…then the other one would step ahead and look over and back up. Just not quite sure about taking that leap into flight… 

(Sound familiar?:-)

Then…it happened…the first one flew over to my deck so I could see it more clearly (I clapped and cried:-). It was almost like it was a planned flight so I could see it without the telescope my husband had set up for a couple of months now..:-). Then…it took off so I could see it soaring in the sky… I checked back and the other one took flight too (I clapped and cried:-)! Then…they both came over and landed on the railing of our deck as if they wanted me to see them. Too funny…they were fluttering their wings and tipping their little heads like they were so proud of themselves…  (I laughed and clapped and did a little dance…:-)  Then…they flew away soaring and swaying up and down really demonstrating the true essence of FREEDOM!!! 

WOW…this was such a powerful message for me at this stage of my journey… So many ideas, so many messages, so many possibilities and SO MUCH FREEDOM that is enjoyed as I take flight and open to this new world of creation…one step at a time! How about you? Are you ready to take that leap into flight? Are you ready to experience freedom from a new view point? Are you ready to soar into your True Essence and bring it more fully out into the world?  How about we take the ride of a lifetime and let Freedom Ring…and Fly High into our Heart’s Desires…TODAY?  Our day to Celebrate Independence and Freedom…July 4, 2012

Until next time…enjoy the ride and the bright sparkling colorful lights in the sky!

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