Messages come in Playful Packages…

The Bike Riding Boy’s Message…:-)

OK…I am jogging around the lake Sunday afternoon and saw a young boy on his bike. He had stopped to wait for his Grandpa to catch up with him. We both said “Hi” and I said “Kinda windy huh?”  He said…”Yes, I wish it would go away”. Then…I said “Well you have a pretty nice heavy bike there to help you out”. Then…He totally changed the subject and said “There is a chair over there and a pencil here”. Sure enough a chair was in the water and a pencil was on the path. I said “There sure is…how about that. Thanks for showing them to me.”

AHHHHHHHH YES…Messages come in the most playful packages sometimes! As I continued my jog, I was reminded of the variety of messages that have come to me when I take this same path around the lake where we live. Whether I am walking, jogging, biking, or skipping, there always seems to be new messages popping up in the oddest places when I am ‘in the moment’ and paying attention…

Well…Sunday’s message came through the voice of this sweet little boy filled with wonderment about the chair and the pencil he noticed while he was waiting for Grandpa. The message for me came VERY CLEAR as I focused on my heart to ‘get it’. The little boy had no clue on a conscious level why he noticed what he noticed ‘in the moment’ I was there and why he shared it with me. But…I DID!  Here is my message:

Picture of Pencil with Smiles1“SIT DOWN (chair) and WRITE (pencil)”

So…when I got home…I sat down and wrote the message I am sharing with you right now:-)! And…considering the questions I have been asking lately about my next steps in living my purpose more fully on the planet at this time, I have a hunch this is a much BIGGER message than one just for Sunday…

So…TODAY…I begin to shift my writing a bit and share more of what has been written through me over the last several years. And…most important of all…a concentrated effort is emerging to complete the ‘Conscious Creation PlayBook’ one ‘sit down and write’ session at a time…on a regular basis!

Thank You Thank You Thank You…Bike Riding Boy who shared this ‘in the moment’ message with me to guide me into the next precious step on my journey…SMILE:-)!

So…what messages are you getting? What unique ways do they show up for you? Are you listening? Are you following through with the guidance you receive? Sometimes the one’s coming from the oddest people, places, and things are the most profound. Maybe just by reading this message more guidance will come to you in playful ways…  Hope So:-)!

Until next time…ENJOY all the Meaningful Messages on your path!


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6 Responses

  1. What a fun article! Thanks for sharing.

    There are always messages out there in people and things. It’s important for us to slow down sometimes and just notice what’s going on around us. This is something I need to make a Conscious effort to do!

  2. Thanks for reminding us to really LISTEN when we are having conversations — even if we are talking to a child. Or, maybe especially with a child–whose soul energy comes through without all the “noise” of the world.

    1. Hey Catherine! So Happy you stopped by and responded with such beautiful words! You are such a Listening Role Model…Thanks! Have a magical and meaningful day…:-)

  3. Kathy, I received several different messages over the Mother’s Day weekend that are offering me opportunities to grow. This link to your blog is certainly one more. What an abundance of wonderful women on the blogosphere these days! Great writing! Keep it coming…

    1. Thank You so much Mo! Appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to grow with you! Your herbal remedies and healthful knowingness help to make the journey even more rewarding! Have a day filled with beautiful blossoms…:-)