J.O.Y. + J.O.Y. = JOY Magnified!

Hi There!

J.O.Y. has been revealed!!!   I recently facilitated a “J.O.Y. Connection for Women” at the HeartLight Connection Gathering Place…  It was a beautiful tapestry of creating, letting go, and playing into new possibilities!  And…during our time together I shared the symbolic meaning of J.O.Y. that I have been playing with for quite some time…  AND…NOW…I am sharing it with you so you can enjoy it too!

J.O.Y.  (Jump Over Yourself!)  +  J.O.Y.  (Just Open Yourself)   =   JOY MAGNIFIED!!!

Very simple process.  Here are the guidelines:

1.  Write down things you feel no longer serve you in creating what you want. (Words, phrases, emotions, anything that pops up as you write:-). Or, simply write the words “anything that is no longer serving me at this time” . Or, just energetically place anything that no longer serves you or put some sort of symbolic representation of it right there in front of you on the floor or ground. (Whatever shows up for you, is your intuitive way to play into this process:-)

2.  JUMP OVER IT…YEP…JUST JUMP OVER IT!!!  Consciously focus on JUMPING over anything that is no longer serving you on your journey to your intentions, dreams, and heart’s desires. Literally, JUMP OVER  IT:-)

3.  After you have JUMPED over it…Just BREATHE the FRESHNESS of Letting Go Letting Go Letting Go of ALL that old worn out energy that is no longer serving you NOW…  A BIG SMILE on the face helps too….:-)

4.  Then, OPEN your arms wide, ALLOWING your heart (chest) to OPEN wide… Take three DEEP Breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth). Breathing in JOY JOY JOY….(or whatever positive word or energy you are guided to breathe in and out). ALLOW it to FLOW from the Heart into all areas of your body…AHHHHHHHH!!

5.  Stand with normal breathing for a bit to ALLOW it to Integrate and Balance into your body, mind, and spirit…


THAT’s IT!!!  Simple, Easy, and FUN!!!  YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Here is the deal…if something keeps coming into our awareness that we are being called to create. And…it keeps coming up and coming up and coming up…  Well…chances are pretty good this is something that our Heart and Soul is nudging us to create.  SO…the only thing keeping YOU from your Conscious Creation is YOURSELF:-).  This simple exercise helps to LET GO of those old belief systems, habits, attachments, wounds, energies, fears, etc. etc. etc. that keep us from moving forward on our Conscious Creation path and into True JOY!!!

If you are guided to play into this process, you most likely will notice something RIGHT AWAY that validates that IT WORKED!  Someone may act differently around you, a new message may show up for your next step, you may feel lighter, you may feel clearer, you may feel happier, the list goes on and on…  Just be aware of what shows up for you. It can be different for each person!  And…that is what makes it SO MUCH FUN!!!

Since the outcome can be different for each of you, I would love to hear your feedback as you try this simple, yet powerful, activity to move you to the next playful step on your journey into JOY MAGNIFIED…  Just post it here or send me an e-mail…  Thanks so much for joining me on this Conscious Creation Journey…:-) 

Until next time… Have a JOYFILLED DAY!!!!!!!!!!

J.O.Y. 2

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