Let’s Take a B.L.Y.S.S. Break!

BLYSS 2Hi There!

WOW…I have been hearing a lot lately how people are stressed out! And…we are only at the beginning of the Holiday Season! So…I thought it would be great timing to share a quick tip to help you shift the energy if you fall into that stressed out place that really doesn’t serve anyone…Especially YOU!

B. is for BREATHE…Sometimes this first step is all we need to get back in Balance. Just take a DEEP BREATH in through the nose and out through the mouth. Breathing in fresh air and out stale air. Try it…if your not quite there…take a few more deep breaths… ahhhhhhhh:-)

L. is for LAUGH…This of course is a FUN one! You can just bust out laughing for no reason or think of something that makes you laugh. If you have a particular thing that is frustrating you…just stop and laugh about it! And…next time you see LOL…Do It:-)!!!

Y. is for YAWN…This is a powerful energy booster. It opens the channels so energy can flow more freely. And…it gets your chattering mind focused on something besides chattering:-)

S. is for STRETCH…This can be done by itself or at the same time as Yawning to add a blast of energy throughout your system. Do it while sitting or stand up and move around to really get a higher level of connection and balance going.

S. is for SMILE…By now you are probably doing this:-). Just keep it going and remember to look for it next time you are near a mirror. A SMILE is contagious and it is important to see how we are being seen by those around us. So…SMILE in the mirror and notice if it FEELS like something that is normally on your face…:-) Just makes you SMILE to think about doing that…right?

Well…there you have it! The B.L.Y.S.S. BREAK! A simple, easy, quick, playful way to add more JOY to your Day! And…if you get more people in your environment to join you, it even adds more power to the positive energy created…

And…if you choose to B.L.Y.S.S., It would be great to hear about your experience. Just leave a note here so others can enjoy it too or send me an e-mail or give me a call! I would LOVE to hear from YOU!

Until next time…Enjoy the Holiday Adventures…

Many BLYSSings,


(Important Note: As I was completing this BLOG post, I realized that sometimes when we wait too long to take a BLYSS Break…3 more SSS’s may be in order before starting the BLYSS Break (SCREAM, STOMP, and STEP Away). THEN…BLYSS out all over the place…LOL:-)

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