Two Wings Out…Butterfly Metaphor Continues…!

Hi There!

YES, indeed! Two wings are out and time to take a break and reflect on all the wonderful experiences that have brought me to this stage of the Butterfly Journey… Still Smiling too!

Mike, Zhenia, Me Tent, River Cabin 011


Well…the first draft of this blog post is what is above this picture…:-) And…that was on June 4th…I guess I really was ready for a break! Today it is June 25th…YIKES!

I have been Reflecting, Releasing, Reviewing, and Renewing since the 2 Wings came out!


Sometimes we get stopped in our transformation tracks…whether we plan it or not:-). In my case, a bit of ‘cocoon goop’ needed to be freed to truly let that other wing out… What I have found on my journey is the more we fight the ‘goop’ the stickier and harder the transformation can be. As we commit to going with the flow, laughing at situations that show up, facing our fears, letting go of old patterns, and just being with it ALL in the moment…it can be one of the most amazing times on the road to Butterfly Freedom.

So…when I went off for what I ‘thought’ was going to be a relaxing and refreshing “Me, Myself, and I Retreat Time” (This is the name I gave to my Personal Retreats when I go somewhere away from everything and everybody to just BE WITH ME for a few days:-) in Kansas City some ‘cocoon goop’ was ready to move out. I was thrown into what became a Wild and Crazy Time of Facing Fears, Noisy Neighbors, Rude Encounters, and Lots and Lots of Surrendering, Releasing and Letting Go…WHEW! And…it was probably one of the most valuable “Clearning Experiences” that I have had in a very long time! “Clearning” is a combo word I created that involves both clearing and learningCOOL HUH???

You see…in my view…everything happens for a reason. And…when we really believe this as we go into all of life’s adventures, we can be in a state of curiosity and wonder vs. anger and frustration. I knew it would be a much more enjoyable time if I just surrendered to what I was ‘REALLY’ there for…ha! So…I asked for more information and guidance to assist me during this time. Especially since it was very clear to me the first night that I wasn’t there to rest, relax, and take lots of naps…LOL:-). And…the answer was…

This is a time for you to Expand vs. Retreat!  And…THAT I Did…in Oh So Many Ways…YIPPPEEEEE!!! I took each step as guided on this special roller coaster retreat ride…released ‘cocoon goop’ along the way…and came out on the other side in an expanded state of awareness and clarity to move forward on the next stage of my journey:-)! And…one big thing I was reminded of from this “Me, Myself, and I ‘Retreat’ Time” in Kansas is:

There’s no place like HOME:-)!!!

So…how is your Cocoon into Butterfly Journey going? Would love to hear from you! In the meantime, stay tuned for the next stage of the Beauty in the Butterfly Adventure…  Soon to be Flying FREE!!!


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